How to cook a turkey: MTES Mrs. Wolfe’s second graders

The Record-Herald

Miami Trace Elementary School second graders in Mrs. Wolfe’s class explain how to cook a turkey.

By Isaac M.

First, buy a turkey. Next, cut its head off. Then, put stuffing in the body. Last, put the body in the oven for 300 degrees F.

By Hunter V.

First, go to the woods. Next, kill a turkey with a gun or a bow. Then put the turkey in the oven for 20 minutes. Last, set the temperature at 200 degrees.

Mazzy C.

First, you buy a turkey. Next, you put the oven to 200. Then, put some seasoning on it. Last, you serve it.

Ike M.

First, you go buy it. Next, bring it home. Then stuff it. Last, turn the oven to 220 degrees with the turkey in it. Finally, take it out and eat it.


First, you buy a turkey at the store. Next, you go home and stuff the turkey. Then you cook the turkey at 200. Last, you take it out and eat up!

Paige L.

First, go to the store and buy a turkey. Next, bring it home and heat up the oven to 200 degrees. Leave it there for 20 minutes. Then, after 20 minutes, put it in the oven and wait 30 minutes. Last, after 30 minutes, take it out and stuff it up with stuffing. That is how you cook a turkey.

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