Fayette Christian School kindergartners talk turkey

The Record-Herald

Fayette Christian students in Mrs. Vickers’ kindergarten class explained how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving:

“Catch it, kill it, pluck its feathers bake it, get it out of the oven and then eat it with my family”

– Scarlett, 6-years-old

“Put it in a pan but first you have to kill a turkey and cut off its head. And take out the feathers. Cook it and eat it. Oh! I would love a turkey”

– Ayden, 5-years-old

“You kill it, wash it. Then you season and butter it. Put it in a pan then put it in the oven for 35 minutes. When the oven dings get it out and cut it up and eat it.”

– Ryleigh, 6-years-old

“You cut it, you put it in the oven and then you cut it up again in little tiny pieces. And then you eat it. Then you give it to everyone of your kids and the baby.”

– Marley, 5-years-old

“1. put the turkey in the oven, 2. then take the turkey out of the oven, 3. then put the toppings on, 4. then you cut off the legs, mouth, and feathers, 5. then I will open it up, 6. then i will watch tv while it cools down, 7. then I will eat it, 8. the end.”

– Alanah, 5-years-old


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