Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Nov. 19

Sarah Curtis and Austin Webb to Coulter and Erin Paugh, 403 Eastern Ave., consideration $125,000.

Deborah Allen and Carol Huddle to Edward Kunka, 7359 Marion Township, consideration $585,000.

Recorded Nov. 18

Gerald McPeek to William Alley, 518 Fifth St., consideration $35,000.

Jennifer and Randal Shears to John Rankin, 526 E. Market St., consideration $189,900.

Mossbarger and Smithson CPA’s Inc to Daniel Dinkins, 636 High St., consideration $92,000.

Sonya Hyer to Jeremy Smith, 916 S. North St., consideration $94,000.

Jack Cartwright and Carol Mong to Cheyenne Allen and Zachary Thomas, 508 S. Fayette St., consideration $139,000.

David and Nicole Clem to Deborah and Richard Brannon, 446 Leslie Trace N.W., Union Township, consideration $118,600.

Brian Tabit to Karl Spaulding, 405 W. Newberry St., consideration $93,000.

Gary Berner to Don Harris, 1578 Harold Road N.W., Paint Township, consideration $7,500.

Recorded Nov. 17

Carolyn Hill to No-5542 Columbus Pike LTD, 1361 Jefferson Township Garringer Edgefield Road, consideration $325,000.

Recorded Nov. 16

Chris and Kayla Fleak to Kevin and Lenora Smith, 620 Fairway Drive, consideration $180,000.

Mell Wickensimer to Sheila and Stanley Brown, 8 Royal Court, consideration $219,000.

Frank and Karla Payton to James Jordan, 215 W. Ohio Ave., consideration $100,000.

Recorded Nov. 13

Debbie and Ronald Weade to Lisa Smith and Brian Stamper, 1008 S. Main St., consideration $135,000.

Pamela and Randall Lamb, Roger and Shawna McCarty to Sage Real Estate Properties LLC, 426 Western Ave., consideration $21,000.

Recorded Nov. 12

Bailey and Shaun Fillmore to Emily Justice, 1271 Bogus Road N.E., Union Township, consideration $159,000.

Recorded Nov. 10

Thomas Johnson to Jacob Clark, 814 Rawlings St., consideration $139,000.