House lawmakers consider new expansion of Ohio gun laws

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohioans’ ability to carry guns would be further expanded under a legislative proposal being considered in the Republican-controlled House, according to a report.

One proposal would expand Ohioans’ ability to “stand their ground” from residences and cars to businesses, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer, which obtained an analysis of the proposed changes to a current pending weapons-related bill.

Another provision would allow 18-year-olds to receive a concealed carry license and with that, to buy firearms. An additional measure would ban schools and universities from penalizing employees or students who carry a concealed weapon legally. Another change would allow Ohioans to have guns while drinking in bars.

The proposal comes despite Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s regular plea for fellow GOP lawmakers to enact proposals to try to reduce gun violence.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce would oppose measures that take away businesses’ ability to set workplace rules. “Employers should be free to make the decision that works best for them,” Kevin Shimp, the chamber’s director of labor and legal affairs, told the newspaper.