Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Nov. 5

McKenna Brown, Ricky and Sommer Musser to Cameron and Kelsey Wilson, 10 Brookside Court, consideration $180,000.

Recorded Nov. 4

Silver Dollar Inc. to Kristyna and Nathan Bowers, 5348 Green Township, consideration $50,000.

Silver Dollar Inc. to Joy and Vernon Stanforth, 5348 Green Township, consideration $105,000.

Ronbec Properties LLC to Wildfire Management LLC, 716 E. Market St., consideration $20,000.

Kac Management LLC to Christopher Paisley, 144 S. Fayette St., consideration $14,500.

Andrew Conti and Equity Trust Co Custodian FBO to Christopher Paisley, 142 S. Fayette St., consideration $30,000.

Carol and Robert Corwin to Heather and Nathan Whitney, land along Bloomingburg-New Holland Road, consideration $168,000.

Carol and Robert Corwin to Carmen and Scott Baird, land along Bloomingburg-New Holland Road and Glaze Road, consideration $1,672,800.

Recorded Nov. 2

Carey Construction Inc to Clinton Black, 590 Blackstone St., consideration $149,000.

Dakota’s Roadhouse of Washington C.H. LLC to We Be Wings WCH LLC, land located partially within Washington Court House and partially within Union Township, consideration $800,000.

Recorded Oct. 30

Philip and Sherri Burke, Barbara and Jacky Cottrell, and Betty and William Walls to Sunny Lane Farms LLC, land situated in various townships, consideration $1,131,000.

Recorded Oct. 29

Jonelle Hodus, Julie and Patrick McGuff to Kevin and Stefan Roberts, 1896 Old Chillicothe Road S.E., Union and Wayne Townships, consideration $116,900.

Recorded Oct. 28

Phyllis Thompson to Judy and Lee Prettyman, 1216 Vanderbilt Road, consideration $50,000.

Recorded Oct. 27

Gordon and Karen Lowe to Jeremy and Tracey Lutey, 133 Circle Ave., consideration $210,000.

Deneen Whiteside to Jessica Knisley, 2971 Main St. N.W., Union Township, consideration $81,500.

Robin and Teresa Price to John Morehead, 474 Old Springfield Road, Marion Township, consideration $462,800.

Sheila and Stanley Brown to Lincoln Wilson, 1280 Paddock Loop, consideration $215,000.

Charles and Contessa Yahn to Matthew Nixon, 4180 Route 62, Union Township, consideration $165,000.

Recorded Oct. 23

Mindy and Lincoln Wilson to Aimee Harris, 2437 Route 38 N.E., Union Township, consideration $155,000.