Small businesses receive CARES funding

By Jennifer Woods -

At a recent Fayette County Commissioners’ meeting, further Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) funding was allocated to locally-owned small businesses.

The small businesses that will be receiving part of the funds through the local Small Business Emergency Relief Grant Program include Campbell Family Practice, Complete Floor Care, and LeElla Lanes LLC. Each business will receive $10,000 through the program.

Not only were funds allocated to local businesses, but funding from the CARES Act totaling $23,790 was allocated for the purchase of a 2020 Ram Promaster truck for use by the Fayette County Auditor. According to county commissioner Tony Anderson, the vehicle they were using is “completely inadequate.”

Anderson further explained that the auditor’s office is in charge of and responsible for the weights and measures in the county and making sure the scales and gallon meters are accurate at retail entities, which is what the new vehicle will help the office with.

“If you go into certain places and they have a scale, and you buy something by-the-pound, like on gas pumps, you’ll see that the pumps (or other relative items) are certified by the Auditor of Fayette County which would be Brenda Mossbarger,” said Anderson. “It’s one of those things that a lot of us don’t look at, don’t have any expectations of other than they should be accurate. Well, they’re accurate because we send someone around to make sure, and check and certify that they are.”

Anderson acknowledged that the use of CARES funding for this purpose is “a pretty far stretch,” as the CARES Act funding is meant to assist with COVID-19 related issues or loss of finances, but said, “we take direction from the County Commissioners’ Association, and Brenda takes direction from the Auditors’ Association of Ohio, which goes through and gets definitions of allowable expenses and disallowed. These vehicles meet the allowed expenditure areas.”

In other news from the commissioners’ office, a lease agreement for a 36-month term was entered into with Modern Office Methods. The purpose of the lease is to provide two copiers at the Fayette County Jail. Rent for the copiers is $217 a month for the duration of the term with 6,000 black and white copies per month included in the cost.

A contract was entered into with Weller’s Plumbing and Heating at a cost of $16,099.16. The cost is to cover labor and materials needed to remove compressors and re-install new ones with two new inverter boards at the Fayette County Courthouse, as well as recover refrigerant for reuse.

During the recent virtual meeting between the commissioners, local elected officials and office heads, pandemic-related temporary emergency paid sick leave and temporary Family Medical Leave Act (FFCRA) policies were reviewed.

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By Jennifer Woods