Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded September 28

Douglas Parks to Joseph and Sara Culler, 3427 Route 62 N.E., Union Township, consideration $205,000.

George and Linda Hall to Jodi and Patrick Hall, 1295 Paddock Loop, consideration $200,000.

David Ogan and Jody Wilson to Sam Gebhardt and Angela Williams-Gebhardt, 153 S. Main St., consideration $107,000.

Recorded September 25

Jack and Stephanie Moats to Justin and Lyhuor Heng, Vanna Khov, 1280 Farmington Lane, consideration $347,000.

Recorded September 24

Howard and Janet Stevens to Christopher Schlichter, 2705 Route 734 N.W., Paint Township, consideration $100,000.

Melinda and Stephen Hunter, Deborah Weller to Harold Fuller, 430 Lewis St., consideration $25,000.

Recorded September 23

George Allen to J&S Home Rehabs LLC, 9014 Rought 62 N.E., consideration $115,000.

Gretchen Finney and Steven Robbins to Juanita Lansing, 103 E. Kennedy Ave., consideration $129,000.

Edna and James Hester to Branen L Weade Properties LLC, 536 Comfort Lane, consideration $130,000.

Recorded September 22

Melinda and Stephen Hunter, Deborah Weller, Weller Plumbing and Heating to Washington Court House LLC, 581-583 Blackstone St. along with another parcel of land in Washington C.H., consideration $173,000.

Cheryl Powell to Duff Farm Co LTD, 6148 Route 62 N.W., Marion Township, consideration $350,000.

James and Rhonda Gingerich to George Lane, 10100 Washington New Martinsburg Road S.W., Perry Township, consideration $65,000.

Recorded September 18

TGW LLC to Gypsy Rose Lee Phillips, 615 Columbus Ave., consideration $61,500.

Andrew and Caroline Littleton to Colleen Peoples, 719 E. Market St., consideration $87,500.

Brittany McCoy to Parma Dawson, 426 Kathryn St., consideration $172,000.

Donald and Mikayla Imperati to Derek Vires, 2255 Robinson Road S.E., consideration $205,000.

Joy and Vernon Stanforth to Ohio AG Solutions LLC, 1380 Hidy Road, Paint Township, consideration $80,000.

Big Red Post LLC to Kendra Miller, 119 E. Newberry St., consideration $92,900.

First State Bank to Douglas Parks, 1281 Dayton Ave. N.W., Union Township, consideration $62,000.

David and Lisa Duff to Yankeetown Holdings LLC, land in Mount Sterling, consideration $390,000.

Recorded September 17

Brooke and Joshua Griffith to Cody Ahrens and Wendy Hawk, 48 Charity Court, Union Township, consideration $140,100.

Ronda and Wayne Turner to Larry Lightle, 211 Florence St., consideration $67,000.

Lori and Mark Chrisman to Caitlin and Nicholas Dresch, 618 Yeoman St., consideration $94,200.

Luke Krohn and Alyssa Wright to Samantha Owens, 3218 Yeoman Road N.W., Union Township, consideration $110,000.

Recorded September 16

Linda Green to Cynthia and Lance Deming, 7595 Limes Road S.E., Greenfield, consideration $190,000.

Recorded September 15

Bryan and Kathy Chapman to Ricardo and Traci Harris, 5594 Inskeep Road N.W., Jeffersonville, consideration $82,500.

Vicki Kirkland to Joshua Slone, 1010 Briar Ave., consideration $110,000.

David and Jeanne Butterfield to Tommy and Vicki Coe, 607 Lamar Court, consideration $63,500.

Lynelle and Raymond Cardenas to Justin Staggs, 3954 Route 22 S.E., Union Township, consideration $110,000.

Recorded September 14

Judy Wilson, James Wilson, Caroline Kasler and Steven Wilson to Amy Dixon, 1333 Dayton Ave. N.W., Union Township, consideration $139,900.

Marilyn Bryan to Chaves and Megan Huston, 86 Main St., Bloomingburg, consideration $15,000.

Union Home Mortgage Corp to Preet Singh, 333 W. Oak St., consideration $45,000.

Aiza and Douglas Jones to Heather and Richard Tolle, 448 Highland Ave., consideration $135,000.

Recorded September 11

Kathie Hynds, David and Sharyn Browning to Cargill Inc., 3678 Union Township, consideration $876,000.

Recorded September 10

Streber Properties LLC to Michael and Tamara Lower, and Margren Properties LLC, 15 State St., Jeffersonville, consideration $38,000.

Donald and Rita Ladd to Michael Phillips, 740 Gregg St., consideration $12,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Megan LeMaster, 1223 S. Hinde St., consideration $147,500.