Grants available for county small businesses

By Jennifer Woods - [email protected]

According to Fayette County Commissioner Dan Dean, there will be a resolution put in place to assist small businesses in the county with grants through CARES funding.

“If it’s a business of 25 or fewer employees and locally-owned, then whenever they were shut down in March or May, I think that’s one of the main questions on it, and they either weren’t allowed to work or they lost significant (sales) because of that, they can apply for this money,” explained Dean. “We’re allowed to give it to them in the form of a grant, so it doesn’t have to be paid back. It’s just to help keep them going.”

Up to $10,000 can be provided per grant and $100,000 of the county CARES funding will be going into that account, according to Dean.

In other recent news from the commissioners’ office, an agreement that enrolls county residents in an aggregated group plan for lower rates from First Energy Solutions (now known as Energy Harbor LLC) through DP&L was renewed. The renewed agreement will last from May of next year through May of 2024.

The program is the same for the county as it is for the City of Washington Court House, according to Dean.

“It went on the ballot, and it was passed about nine years ago right after I became a commissioner,” said Dean.

According to Dean, the county, the city and the village of Greenfield undergo the renewal at the same time.

“We do it that way when they do the bids since we are all kind of one group — that way we get a better price,” he said.

The prices for the next three years should be 4.58 cents/kWh.

“The ones that are DP&L customers only, which is the bulk of the county, will be automatically enrolled in it unless they want to opt out,” explained Dean. “Normally the price, if you want to pay for it on your own, is right around 9 cents. So, I would think most would want to stay in it since it’s about half the price. It will save, if the average household does 10,000 kilowatts per year, it’ll save the average home $4-500 a year.”

Currently, the commissioners are looking over the budget.

“The sales tax revenue for the county has been better than what we expected,” said Dean.

Recently, three contracts were approved between the Fayette County Department of Job and Family Services (FCDJFS) and the Fayette County Community Action Commission (CAC).

The first contract for CAC is to provide an Ohio START Family Peer Mentor to serve families referred by the PCSA with maltreatment with substance abuse being the main risk factor. The contract is effective from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of next year, and the maximum cost is $48,600. That cost will be covered by an Ohio Start grant.

The second contract is for CAC to provide transportation services to qualified recipients in Fayette County. Those transportation services will be paid at a rate of $2.35 per eligible passenger mile. The maximum cost under this contract is $50,000 and the contract period is from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of next year. The cost of the contract will be covered by Title XX funds.

The third contract is for CAC to provide expanded work-related transportation to qualified individuals in the Ohio Works First and Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Program. The rate for this contract is $20 per trip outside of city limits, $5.50 per trip within city limits and $2.35 per mile for out of county trips. The contract period is from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of next year with the maximum cost being $30,000 and covered by TANF.

A contract was entered into with MarQuee Construction, Inc. for HVAC renovation for part of the east side of the Fayette County Economic Development building. The cost is $35,500.

Two bids were received for bridge materials in relation to the Matthews, Bush and Bonner road bridge projects. Those bids were from:

-Lindsey Precast, Inc. for Matthews: $65,463.60, Bush: $35,095, and Bonner: $35,095.

-Encore Precast, LLC for Matthews: $75,826, Bush: $30,466, and Bonner: $30,466.

The engineer’s estimates for the projects are Matthews: $65,000, Bush: $30,000, and Bonner: $30,000.

Per the recommendation of Steve Luebbe, county engineer, the bid of $65,463.60 from Lindsey Precast, Inc. for the materials for the Matthews Road Bridge was accepted, while the equal bids of $30,466 from Encore Precast, LLC were accepted for the Bush and Bonner Road bridges.

Statements of Qualifications are being accepted from interested design firms for engineering, architectural and/or planning services until Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. The work would be for various projects in Fayette County during a one-year period starting Oct. 1.

During a recent Fayette County Land Bank Meeting, county treasurer Susan Dunn presented a balance of $155,407.19. That balance included funds from the sale of 710 McElwain St. totaling $7,355.40.

The following properties are in foreclosure and have sheriff sales Sept. 30: 833 Millwood Ave, 824 John St., 229 Green St., 1031 Lakeview Ave., 104 E. Paint St., 1226 and 1228 E. Paint St.

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By Jennifer Woods

[email protected]