Washington Fire Department reports

The Washington Fire Department recently responded to the following:

SEPT. 20

VEHICLE ACCIDENT: 12:10 a.m., 1107 Lindberg Ave. – Received report of an accident. On arrival FD found multiple vehicles involved with no injuries. FD applied oil dry to leaking fluids and stood by until the scene could be cleared.

MUTUAL AIDE: 8:52 a.m., 1031 Farmington Lane – Received request from PD to bring oil dry to an accident scene. FD applied oil dry to the leaking fluids.

SMOKE REPORTED: 11:57 p.m., 1065 S.R. 38 – Received report of smoke coming from the ground. On arrival FD found saw dust smoking where a tree had been cut. FD extinguished the fire.

SEPT. 18

ALARM ACTIVATION: 3:35 a.m., 300 Depot Drive – Received report of an alarm activation. On arrival FD found a pull station had been accidentally activated by painters.

ALARM ACTIVATION: 8:57 a.m., 2101 Kenskill Ave., Sugar Creek Packing – Received report of an alarm activation in the elevator room. On arrival FD found the system had been reset an was unable to determine the source of the alarm.

ALARM ACTIVATION: 9:28 a.m., 2101 Kenskill Ave., YMCA Kids World of Learning – Received report of alarm activation. On arrival FD found a crew servicing the suppression system tripped the alarm. Staff had put the alarm in test after previous false alarm however the monitoring company called the alarm in regardless.

STRUCTURE FIRE: 11:30 p.m., 741 Dayton Ave. – Received report of a structure fire. On arrival FD found flames coming through the roof of the structure. A large diameter hose was set up on the exterior of the structure while a quick search was conducted. Interior operation were then set up on the second floor with little headway being made. FD contact BPM Fire Department as well as Concord Green Fire Department for mutual aide and began pulling the ceiling and fire down. The majority of the roof burnt and the remaining material collapsed into the second floor. Investigation found the fire started in the attic above an office space from an electrical overload.

SEPT. 17

SMOKING BARREL: 9:04 a.m., 412 Clyburn Ave. – Received report of a barrel smoking. FD found occupants were burning trash in barrel. FD extinguished the fire and was unable to make contact with the occupants.