Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Aug. 31

John and Katie Ballenger to Michael Marcum, 2795 Worthington Road S.W., Concord Township, consideration $118,000.

Marion and Peggy Jones to Richard Dossenbach, 3091 Route 41 N.W., Union Township, consideration $149,900.

Cindy and David Mills to Sydney Speakman, 518 Comfort Lane, consideration $118,700.

Susan Swayne to Debbie H Weade Properties LLC, 738 Wayne Township Flakes Ford Road S.E., consideration $115,000.

Arlene Kubas to Peggy Parker, 892 Aspen Drive, consideration $95,000.

Recorded Aug. 28

Amanda and Craig Pickerill to Daniel and Trudy Brahosky, 1035 Farmington Lane, consideration $309,000.

Recorded Aug. 27

Steven Higgins to Hassel and Howl LLC, 2001-2039 Heritage Drive, consideration $1,250,000.

Recorded Aug. 26

JLB1 Properties LTD to Chanda Haines, 1225 S. Hinde St., consideration $147,500.

Sharon McCarty to Payton Price, 437 Comfort Lane, consideration $118,000.

Recorded Aug. 25

Brenda and David Eggleton to Don and Beverly Hughes, 6522 Marion Township Glaze Road, consideration $137,000.

Carol and Kevin Dement to Dave Stewart, 1 Plum St., Jeffersonville, consideration $30,000.

Emerald Isle Enterprises LLC to Jenny and Vincent Benedetti, 914 Washington Avenue, consideration $150,000.

Recorded Aug. 24

Hester Rentals LLC to Kelsey and Robert Blackburn, 625 E. Temple St., consideration $45,000.

Deborah and Paul Roberts to Kacey Dunham, 922 N. North St., consideration $63,500.

Recorded Aug. 21

James Hamby to James Fout, 4024 Route 62 N.E., consideration $187,200.

Branen Weade Properties LLC to William Whiteside, 1207 E. Paint St., consideration $50,000.

Robin and Walter Meinert to Michael and Shirley Preston, 1377 Courtney Drive, consideration $280,000.

Recorded Aug. 20

Ryan Cotter to James Huffer, 868 Peddicord Avenue, consideration $142,000.

Don and Mary Lou Scaggs to Kayla Hertenstein and Jesse Walters, 1019 S. Fayette St., consideration $142,000.

Recorded Aug. 19

Harry and Jennifer Langley to Robert Webb, 953 Mount Olive Road, Union Township, consideration $329,000.