FCPH updates COVID-19 cases in county

By Jennifer Woods - [email protected]

As of Tuesday, 12 individuals with confirmed cases of COVID-19 had recovered and been released from monitoring while seven new cases were reported, according to Fayette County Public Health (FCPH).

There was also an additional person hospitalized who was released over the weekend along with three others having been released from the hospital. Following these releases, one individual remains hospitalized in relation to COVID-19, which is down from the overall number of hospitalized individuals which had been 23.

These changes brings the total number of active cases within Fayette County to 17.

In total, the county has had 192 confirmed cases and 16 probable equaling 208 overall.

Of those 208 cases, 186 have recovered while five have died, according to information shared by FCPH.

Although 17 cases are currently active, 25 individuals are currently being monitored — which has dropped from the 58 individuals that were being monitored as of last Friday.

The youngest age reported was 1-year-old, the eldest was 89 with a median age of 45. The number of female cases outweigh the number of male cases: 125 female, 83 male.

Fayette County remains on a level 2 public emergency (orange) meaning there remains an increased exposure and spread of the virus. A high degree of caution is still recommended at this time.

As previously reported, according to the FCPH website, the definitions involved in the reports are as follows:

-Confirmed: “Cases that are confirmed by a laboratory with a positive PCR test.”

-Probable: “Effective March 9, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established diagnostic criteria for probable COVID-19 cases. These are often symptomatic household contacts of an individual who is confirmed with a positive lab test. These can also be individuals who are diagnosed with an active infection using an antigen test.”

-Recovered: “Recovered means an individual who was diagnosed as confirmed or probable, and who has been isolated for at least 10 days, fever-free for at least 24 hours, showing no other symptoms, and is released from monitoring by Fayette County Public Health.”

-Monitored: “Individuals who are being monitored by FCPH include confirmed and probable cases who are actively ill and in isolation – and – close contacts who are in quarantine.”

-Close contacts: typically individuals living in the same home, intimate partners, individuals providing home care for an ill person without using recommended precautions, individuals who have had close contact (within six feet of the ill person) for a prolonged period of time (definitions for prolonged time vary from 10-30 minutes when speaking in terms outside of providing medical care).

Information in this article came from FCPH. To follow the entity for more information, please go to its Facebook page, “Fayette County Public Health-OHIO,” or website, www.faycohd.org/.

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By Jennifer Woods

[email protected]