Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded August 18

Zachary Bloom to Corey and Kayla Stevens, 1116 Golfview Drive, consideration $128,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Patricia and Richard Rutherford, 1217 S. Hinde St., consideration $151,000.

Gerald Begin to Lucinda Self, 502 Comfort Lane, consideration $125,500.

Bradley and Kaleena Patton to Michelle and Trevor Patton, 213 Kathryn Court, consideration $165,000.

Bedola and Robert Maust to Laurie Spolarich, 437 E. East St., consideration $152,500.

S&J Properties One LLC to Snow Hill Property LLC, 236 Draper St., consideration $42,500.

Heather and Jeffery Wilson to Micayla Rodriguez, 605 E. Temple St., consideration $119,000.

Recorded August 17

Ray and Sherry Perkins to Jack and Katherine Hook, 5780 Jefferson Township, consideration $7,000.

Recorded August 13

Trina Eddy and Jordan Rife to Tenman Properties LLC, 314 N. Main St., consideration $87,700.

A place for youth LLC to Weis Properties LLC, 55 Avondale sub/vacated alleys, consideration $305,000.

Recorded August 12

James and Sandra Clawson to Doug Smalley, 32 State St., Jeffersonville, consideration $43,000.

Janet Wood to JLB1 Properties LTD, 1183 S. Elm St., consideration $9,000.

Courtney and Mark Bowman to Dylan Vincent, 3402 Culpepper Trace N.W., Union Township, consideration $150,000.

Recorded August 11

Debra and Mahlon Eby to Lamar and Lorene Eby, 2676 Bogus Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $750,000.

Charlene and Japheth Miller to Julian and Kathy Martin, 1209 Vanderbilt Drive, consideration $115,000.

Recorded August 10

Damy LLC to Ericca and Rollin Hill, 1034 Lakeview Ave., consideration $169,900.

David and Sharyn Browning, Kathie Hynds to Cargill Inc, 3701 ETC Union Township, consideration $104,000.

Recorded August 7

Mary Beaver to Shayna Brown, 3360 Virginia Court, Jefferson Township, consideration $149,500.

Justin and Kathryn Boyes to Aaron and Skye Mohrhaus, 110 West Temple St., consideration $85,900.

Amy and Fred Cox to Mary Jackson, 10657 Morris Road, Green Township, consideration $147,500.

Farah and Mohamad Hayek to Copperhead Chuckwagon LLC, 1065 Route 38, union Township, consideration $13,500.