Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded August 7

Heidi and Kenneth Massie to Ethelyn and John Gustwiller, 9456 Evans Road, Green Township, consideration $245,000.

Recorded August 6

Sharon and Warren Craig to Ira and Lori Levenson, 743 Carolyn Road, consideration $75,000.

Barbara and Robert Persinger to Tina Creamer and Stephen Gillenwater, 1242 Paddock Loop, consideration $176,500.

Recorded August 5

Derek, Kaitlin and Sara Warner to Connie Potts, 414 E. Market St., consideration $170,000.

Deborah and Rick Brannon to Devon Feigenbaum, 312 Florence St., consideration $91,000.

Recorded August 4

David Jarrell to Felicia Graham and Jesse Hall, 810 Wayne Township, consideration $9,500.

Recorded August 3

Jay and Martha Miller to Jason and Morgan Gardner, 9739 Stafford Road S.W., Green Township, consideration $375,000.

Recorded July 31

Jack Bishop to Donnie Barnhart, 511 Earl Ave., consideration $20,000.

Shirley Greene to Doug Parks, 514 E. Market St., consideration $81,000.

Recorded July 30

Jinnifer and Jonathan Maust to Kimberly and Michael Gilmore, 465 Staunton Sugar Grove Road, Perry Township, consideration $406,000.

Carroll Halliday Inc. to Nicholas Brannon, 903 Rawlings St., consideration $110,000.

Donas Marlene, Randy, Ricki, Sheri, Tammy and Tony Martindale to Mary Adair, 4317 and 4321 Rought 62, Concord Township, consideration $275,000.

Recorded July 29

Jeffrey and Lori Speakman to Stephanie McFerren, 1104 Sycamore St., consideration $22,300.

Recorded July 27

Anthony and Rhonda Pursell to Troy Pursell, 892 Johnson Road N.E., Marion Township, consideration $844,700.

Recorded July 24

Christine and Jerry Seyfang to Compton Rentals Llc., 705 S. Fayette St., consideration $1,000.

Recorded July 23

Tanya Whiting to MPJM Properties Llc., 936 Golfview Drive, consideration $92,000.

Chris and Patricia Barkoukis to Jacqueline and Ronald Pearce, 271 Parrott Station Road N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $332,500.

Douglas Parks to Desiree Gilliard and Tiarra Perkins, 210 McKinley Ave., consideration $131,500.

Julie Hess to Frank Marrero, 3441 Staunton-Jasper Road S.W., Concord Township, consideration $224,900.

Recorded July 22

Luther Greer to Michael Flynn, 220 Kathryn Court, consideration $172,500.

Gregory and Henrietta Brown to Shay Adkins and Sean Carrig, 812 Duke Plaza, consideration $160,000.

Dortha and James Horst to Clyde and Sylvia Martin, 805 Gregg Road, Paint Township, consideration $250,000.

Matthew Bryan to Dana and Patricia Sparks, 316 6th St., consideration $115,300.

Recorded July 21

Deborah Weller to MLKN Llc., 1024 S. Hinde St., consideration $24,000.

Recorded July 20

Linda Cummings to Kayci and Nathan Rawlins, 8916 Cook Yankeetown Road, Madison Township, consideration $207,000.

Recorded July 17

Donna and Paul Riley to Brent and Colleen Cupp, 113 W. Paint St., consideration $8,000.

Recorded July 16

Ben and Marjorie See to Demetre Balahtsis and Hayden Spangler, 527 Eastern Ave., consideration $35,000.

Amy and David Wright to Haley Sims and Kyle Willett, 913 Washington Ave., consideration $95,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Assn. to Newkirk Mercedes, 9721 Madison Township, consideration $80,000.

Recorded July 15

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Inc. to Daniel and Katherine Dunn, 1592 Harold Road, Paint Township, consideration $112,500.

Douglas and Lauren Patton to Brent and Colleen Cupp, 229 Sycamore St., consideration $40,000.

David Junk to Olivia Buckner and Jeffrey Litteral, 6 Hamptom Court, consideration $193,000.

Recorded July 14

Najah Jiaz to Samantha Alexander, 732 South North St., consideration $100,000.

Ronda and Wayne Turner to Alpa and Bhuvnesh Parekh, 431 Rose Ave., consideration $65,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Jonathan Bibler, 207 Eyman Park Drive, consideration $52,500.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Amber and Caleb Brown, 1233 S. Main St., consideration $147,500.

Janet and Robert Wilson to Bianca Rogers-Wright, 423 W. Elm St., consideration $80,000.

Kimberly and Michael Gilmore to Ryan Case and Audrey Swann, 1005 Glenn Ave., consideration $212,000.

Sugar Creek Packing Co. to Southern Ohio Holding Organization LLC, 1010 Mead St., consideration $2,010,300.