Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded July 13

Bradley and Teri Maust to Coffman and Sons Properties LLC, 4094 and 4100 Bogus Road, Wayne Township, consideration $70,000.

Recorded July 10

Anthony and Ashley Petrella to Christina Cole, 1132 E. Paint St., consideration $130,000.

Beverly Huston to Megan Madden, 429 Broadway St., consideration $108,000.

Recorded July 7

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Diana Kavanagh, 4731 Route 207, Madison Township, consideration $15,500.

Alza Ohio LLC to Rachelle and William Wolfe, 2782 Route 22 S.W., Union Township, consideration $28,000.

Carl and Virginia Krieger to Darlene and Patrick Coil, 1840-1842 Beacon St., consideration $150,000.

Christopher and Heather Williams to Jack Bishop, Union Township, consideration $16,400.

Recorded July 2

Charles Stiffler to Kryst’l and Kyle Callahan, 5071 Washington Waterloo Road, Union Township, consideration $179,900.

Brent and Colleen Doerr to Beverly and David Hacker, 323 N. Fayette St., consideration $162,000.

First Commonwealth Bank, First Community Bank to MLB Hospitality LLC, State Route 41 N.W., Jeffersonville, consideration $23,000.

Recorded July 1

Jay and Peggy Hyer to Second Chance Learning Center of Hope, 201 N. Hinde St., consideration $80,000.

Recorded June 30

Connie Patton to Webco Enterprise LLC, 5148 Stafford Road, Green Township, consideration $98,000.

Peggy Moore to Fleak Brothers Farm Drainage LLC, North St. Bloomingburg, consideration $20,000.

Rosanne Huffman to Charles Stiffler, 733 E. Temple St., consideration $50,000.

Recorded June 29

Jacqueline and Robert Welsh to Jodie and Joseph Watson, 1254 Paddock Loop, consideration $216,000.

Bobby and Sharon Prater, and Gary Christman to Tano Doan, 1321 Shoemaker Drive, consideration $204,000.

Raymond and Redith Caulley to Larry and Susan Eggleton, 8779 Glaze Road N.E., Marion Township, consideration $80,000.

Duff Farm Co LTD to M Cooper and Assoc. LLC, 3131 Route 62 S.W., Union Township, consideration $185,000.

Duff Farm Co LTD to Bentley Land Co LLC, 3619 Union Township Route 62 S.W., consideration $434,000.

Duff Farm Co LTD to Route 62 Holdings LLC, 3619 ETC Union Township Route 62 S.W., consideration $1,116,000.

Duff Farm Co LTD to Connie and Manly Stinson, 626 ETC Union Township/ Concord Township Route 62 S.W., consideration $1,577,500.

Recorded June 26

Dennis and Desiree Watson to Joanna and Robert Stitt, 3449 Old Route 35 N.W., Union Township, consideration $155,000.

Justin Jenkins to Alexia Souders, 735 Leesburg Ave., consideration $90,000.

Evan and Linsey Watson to James Horst, 14338 Route 729 N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $175,000.

Wilma Coulter to Justin Jenkins, 232 Ogle St., consideration $116,000.

Recorded June 24

Julio and Laurie Figueroa to David Snyder, 429 E. Temple St., consideration $157,900.

Charles and Joyce Grieves to Garrett Norman, 399 Ghormley Road, Perry Township, consideration $310,000.

Recorded June 22

Deborah Weller to J.B.S Properties LTD, 1020 S. Hinde St., consideration $60,000.

Recorded June 19

Luke and Mallory Bihl to Steven Frazier, 1104 Farmington Lane, consideration $239,900.

Crue and Michelle Blakeley to Kimberly and Richard Burton, 331 Rawlings St., consideration $131,000.

Charles Graf to Nicholas Price, 617 Willard St., consideration $79,000.

Recorded June 18

Joy and Nathan Borish to Kimberly Bristow, 3 Sunny Drive, consideration $115,000.

Carolyn and Larry Meenach, and Alice and Robert Rayburn to Scott and Wynona Detty, 7188 Creek Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $150,000.

Dana and Ronald Foor to Rebecca Inman, 319 Second St., consideration $60,000.

Renee Desarro to Dru and Misty Desarro, 4581 State Route 207 N.E., consideration $35,000.