Vendors announced for Aug. 1 Farmers Market

By Katrina Bush - For the Record-Herald

“I am the warmth of the hearth on cold winter nights. I am the shade screening you from the summer rain. My fruits and restoring drinks quench your thirst as you journey onward. I am the beam that holds your house; the door of your homestead; the bed on which you lie, and the timber that builds your boat. I am the handle of your hoe, the wood of your cradle, and the shell of your coffin.” (sign on a tree in a public park in Madrid, Spain, as quoted by Helen and Scott Nearing, Continuing the Good Life, 1979.)

Our rain has been sparse, although it seems that the towns and cities sometimes get a downpour while the rain passes over the farms. But those of us on the dry side should not begrudge the communities getting rain, as everyone needs it. And the trees need it everywhere. For almost a month now, I’ve been noticing the yellowing of tree leaves and loss of leaves of some—it seems especially hard on smaller trees, trees on rocky soil, and trees not provided some level of shade from other trees.

The quote above recognizes the important role of trees in the lives of humans. But what is not mentioned is their importance to the whole web of life….insect, moth, bird, and non-human animals…..native trees and shrubs provide food and habitat for innumerable species. Planting and nurturing a tree is a promise to the future.

Indigo Roots Yoga and Wellness Studio will be at the Saturday Fayette County Farmers Market, sharing information on Covid Mindfulness Practices, as well as their current class schedule and information regarding their upcoming weekend-long Yoga Festival, “SoulFest.” This retreat/festival will take place on a beautiful farm just outside of Washington CH, Sept. 11-13. Numbers are limited, so please stop by their booth or call the studio to learn more about this transformative experience. Day and full weekend passes are available. For more information, contact Shannon Jacobs at 740-572-0629.

The Market is open Saturday morning from 8:30 to noon and is located in the municipal parking lot on the corner of South Main and East East streets in Washington C.H. SNAP EBT food benefit cards and credit/debit cards are accepted. Those using the SNAP EBT card for food purchases receive matching dollar “Produce Perks” tokens ($1 for $1) good only for fruits, vegetables, and food producing plants. So,”buy one, get one” for up to $25 EVERY market day. Five-dollar coupons will be available again for FAYETTE COUNTY Farm Bureau members at each Saturday market; these can be spent at both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

The following list contains the names and products of the vendors that expect to set up this Saturday. Other vendors may participate as well. Vendors who provide their phone number may be contacted for advance orders.

Little Farmstead Flowers (Adrian & Tina Eicher): Cut flowers – sunflowers, gladiolus, amaranths, sunflowers, snapdragons, dahlias, ornamental basil, zinnias and dehlias as well as flower arrangements. Fresh cut herbs.

Persinger Produce and Cottage Food (Julie Mosny & David Persinger): The Pie Lady –Local honey, cinni mini’s, buns bars, iced sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls and pecan sticky buns. Also will have assorted fruit pies including cherry, peach, blackberry, strawberry, rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb and apple. The Jam Man – cherry, red raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, pineapple habanero, peach, red raspberry jalapeno, blackberry, triple berry and peach habanero jams, and assorted Texas sheet cakes.

Your Other Mother’s Kitchen (Don & Sara Creamer—740-572-0134 – make advance orders before 5 p.m. Thursday): Artisan bread, muffins.

Bridge View Garden (Hunter & Lorelle Rohrer, 740-505-5125): Seasonal produce: tomatoes, potatoes, onions and zucchini. Potted sunflowers.

B.Y.E Gardens (Brian and Elaine Yoder): Sweet corn (Nirvana Bi-Color & Eden White), melons, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, bell peppers, garden salsa peppers, super chili peppers, sweet banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, Georgia peaches. Baked goods: cinnamon rolls, sweet breads (strawberry, zucchini, banana, banana-nut, pumpkin), brownies, small pies (raisin, pecan, cherry, blackberry, chocolate fudge, peach), peanut butter cookies, Adult & children’s face masks, ice cold beverages. Call Elaine @ 740-606-6333 or email to place orders.

Cozy Baby Blessings (Nancy Cutter): Face masks for adults and children (over 200 available with lots of new fabrics), baby essentials including crochet baby blankets, hats and wash cloths, flannel burp cloths and teething toys. Crochet pot scrubbers and dish cloths, coasters, and hand poured wax melts in Over 60 scents!

Dsc Produce Farm (Darren Cox): Private label salsa (apple, citrus, bacon, and strawberry), and salad dressing (blueberry and raspberry).

Engedi (Alana Walters, Janet Bick, Beth Day): Assorted home baked goods including cinnamon rolls, yeast bread and rolls, cookies, fruit pies and noodles. Seasonal produce including green beans, squash, cabbage, tomatoes.

Garland Farm Sweetcorn (Ike & Justine Garland): Sweet corn.

Greens & Greenery (Katrina Bush): Homemade baked goods: sourdough crackers (garlic/turmeric, rosemary, jalapeno/cumin, poppyseed, “everything,” and ginger/turmeric), baklava, and assorted zucchini mini- breads and bundts (with and without pineapple, nuts and raisons). Buckeyes. Farm honey and honey/strawberry preserves. Natural body products: glycerin and honey soaps, beeswax hand and cuticle creams, lip balms, and natural insect repellent. Catnip, cilantro seed, and seasonal produce, including garlic, cucumbers, tomatillos, green beans, zucchini, and potatoes (red, Yukon Gem, and Austrian Crescent fingerlings).

KAZ Creations (Michele Zurakowski—614-563-0541 ): Variety of jellies for mixing with cheese including Georgia peach. Washington courthouse blue lions masks.

Kelsie’s K-9 Creations (Jennifer Anderson): featuring healthy, limited ingredient cookies and treats for your 4 legged friends.

King Farms (Jeff and Sandi King) and Gerhardts (Kevin Gerhardt): Supersweet white corn, watermelons, multiple varieties of cantaloupe, honeydew, Crenshaw melons, green beans, many varieties of field ripened tomatoes, sweet slicing cucumbers, sweet bell & banana peppers, hot peppers, potatoes, onions, zucchini and squash— all produce grown on our farms— plus a variety of baked goods.

By Katrina Bush

For the Record-Herald