Fair shows to be live-streamed

Several events to appear online for those who do not attend

By Martin Graham - mgraham@recordherald.com

New details were released this week about how the Senior Fair Board intends to live-stream various shows online for the upcoming Fayette County Fair.

“The plan at this time is to live-stream through our Junior Fair Facebook page, the Fayette County Ag Society Facebook page and the Fayette County Agricultural website as much of the livestock shows, dog show, horse show and opening ceremonies as possible,” Senior Fair Board Vice President Doug Marine said on Wednesday. “We have Junior Fair Board and other Junior Fair members assisting in the live-streaming, with help from multi-media director and an instructor of the video production and video broadcasting courses at Miami Trace High School, Laura Hottinger, to acquire equipment.”

Marine said this live-streaming venture is being funded by a few sources, including, “Pivot Bio ProveN,” and “Gustin Seed Services – Doug and Jenny Coe.”

“Part of our COVID plan that we submitted to the state and the health department included this live-streaming that would help those people who are high risk or do not desire coming out to the fair have the opportunity to see the shows,” Marine said. “We had to acquire some equipment thanks to our donor, and Laura Hottinger is helping to give some direction on needed equipment and assistance in general.”

Marine said the Senior Fair Board will put the final touches on the live-streaming plan this week and is expecting to be able to make postings for the community to see where they can find the live-streams by this weekend for next week’s fair. The vice president said the main discussion currently is where the live-streams will be posted so they can try and show off as many shows as possible, despite a few overlapping shows or some taking place in the various barns.

“I think this is a great opportunity for anyone that is at-risk or does not feel comfortable attending the fair to be able to watch any relatives that they may have at the fair,” Marine said. “Our goal at this year’s fair was to put on the best fair we can and we are going to take many precautions, and if someone is ill or at-risk, we encourage them not to attend. As I said, we are going to take many precautions to make this as great of a fair as we can.”

Currently, the 2020 Fayette County Fair is scheduled to be held from July 19-25 and will include the usual junior fair shows and sales with changes. Among the changes is a move from multiple sale days to one single sale day on Saturday, July 25 at 9 a.m. No animals will enter the ring and champions will take photos at a backdrop off to the side of the sale ring. Exhibitors will have one time through the sale ring. Currently, the order of the sale is dairy steer, beef steer, dairy feeder, meat goat, dairy goat, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, lambs and hogs.

The information in this article was provided by Fayette County Senior Fair Board Vice President Doug Marine. Stay with the Record-Herald for more information as it becomes available

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Several events to appear online for those who do not attend

By Martin Graham