Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

June 24

Subway, 19 Fayette Center, follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: the substation cooler is now reading at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore, now safe to store perishable food. According to the person-in-charge, maintenance replaced a part on the cooler yesterday evening. The person-in-charge was told to load food in the unit and that the unit will be reinspected after a few hours for internal temperatures of food. The pop nozzles are now clean; however, mold is still visible in pipes and ice chutes and area surrounding pop nozzles. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch to prevent contamination. The pop machine unit must not be used until thoroughly cleaned, reinspected and deemed safe for use. According to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, the unit must be reinspected by the Fayette County Public Health department before continued use. This re-inspection was accompanied by the director of Environmental Health. Due to the unsanitary conditions of the facility, the facility must complete the following tasks by the given deadlines in order to continue to operate: all cleaning violations must be corrected, all coolers and freezers must be repaired by July 27. All repairs to the floor, walls and ceilings must be corrected by Aug. 31 (this includes correcting holes within walls and ceiling). All utility service lines and pipes may not be unnecessarily exposed and installed so they do not obstruct or prevent cleaning of the floors, walls or ceilings; therefore, the ceiling must be re-installed to satisfy these requirements by Aug. 31.

June 23

Subway, 19 Fayette Center. Complaint inspection. Violations/ comments: a phone complaint was received regarding unsanitary conditions. Complaint — the complaint stated that the facility was filthy. The counters were dirty, the food containers were dirty and had mold on them, there was mold on the pop machine, dirty floors and dusty chip rack. She also stated that she became very ill after consuming her BMT sub with symptoms of stomach pain and diarrhea. Inspection — several food containers still found stored on the clean equipment rack with food residue. Also, the pop nozzles and soda machine 16 shoot tray and hoses had an accumulation of mold and soil residue. The pop nozzles and the food containers with food residue observed were removed from the machine and rack immediately to be cleaned. Staff was told that the soda machine could not be used until thoroughly cleaned. One of the employees stated that he would clean the soda machine that evening. The following food items located in the sub station veggie cooler were found at 54 degrees Fahrenheit: shredded lettuce, sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, sliced green peppers, sliced onions, olives, banana peppers, sliced pickles. According to the cooler’s fixed, digital thermometer, the cooler was at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the person-in-charge, the cooler had been down for at least four days and they were instructed by the general manager, Jason Williams, to put ice in the cooler until it was repaired. The staff was instructed to remove all food items from the cooler and discard them voluntarily or have certification suspended. All of these food items were discarded during the inspection and the cooler was turned off. This cooler may not be used to store perishable food until inspected, repaired and deemed safe to use. According to an employee, maintenance was scheduled to repair the cooler later that evening. The staff were instructed not to use the cooler until repaired and reinspected by the Fayette County Public Health department. A re-inspection was scheduled for June 24 at 9 a.m. The walk-in cooler was still found with a water leak from the fan guard. The water is still leaking onto the boxes of food products and packages of food. The walk-in freezer still has ice-cycles hanging from the fan guards. Ice accumulation on the food racks and floor. The substation cooler (veggie side) failed to hold safe temperature for perishable food. The internal temperature was 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above, and the thermometer was reading at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. All food thermometers must be accurate and all equipment must be maintained in good repair. The following areas were found with soil accumulation: substation cutting boards, counters, microwave, chip racks, cabinets, mop sink, storage racks, cooler shelves and floors, ware washing sinks, all cabinet and door handles. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation. Flies were observed circulating around the waste bin located in front of the clean food equipment rack. Also, according to the person-in-charge, mice were previously observed in the facility and pest control have baits in various areas throughout the kitchen and storage areas. The back door was observed open without a screen. The presence of insects, rodents and other pests must be controlled to minimize their presence on the premises by routinely inspecting incoming shipments of food and supplies, routinely inspecting the premises for evidence of pests, using pest control devices and routinely cleaning facility including removing dead pests, and eliminating harboring conditions such as sealing openings to prevent entry. It is recommended to keep all areas clean, continue with pest control treatments, seal all entry points, and install a screen for doors that will be left open. The waste receptacle located in front of the clean equipment rack was found heavily soiled. Soiled receptacles must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation or becoming attractants for insects and rodents. Soil accumulation found on all floors, walls, and ceiling. The facility must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to keep it clean. Trash and food found under food equipment throughout kitchen and storage room and coolers. Floor tiles throughout the kitchen and storage room were found missing or broken, holes found in the cement floor in front of walk-in freezer, unraveling base boards found throughout the facility, stained ceiling tiles found in storage room area, and holes found in walls located in storage room area behind counter and storage racks. Also, parts of the dry wall in the storage room area is peeling off the wall. The physical facility must be maintained in good repair. The ceiling vents located within the facility were found with dust and soil accumulation as well as the tiles surrounding them. Intake and exhaust air ducts must be cleaned and filters changed so they are not a source of contamination by dust, dirt, or other materials. There are vents located above the substation and clean utensils rack which need more immediate attention.

June 22

Pepperidge Farms Store #328, 8530 Factory Shops Blvd., Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/ comments: temporarily closed.