Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded June 16

Mindy and Terry Eckle to April and Jesse Penwell, 813 Clinton Ave., consideration $139,000.

Bobby and Melissa Sword to Payge Smith, 231 Chestnut St., consideration $90,000.

Divina and Steven McKinney to Jason Swarts, 1453 Courtney Drive, consideration $241,000.

James and Nancy Thompson to Ryan Tarbutton, 1008 and 1010 Grace St., consideration $132,000.

Doug Ford Farm Llc to Straathof Llc, 1852 Union Township Bogus Road S.E., consideration $562,500.

Recorded June 15

Mary Lou Schwartz to David and Trudy Seymour, 801 Willard St., consideration $79,000.

Fine Swine Llc to Nicholas Bradford, 10758 Danville Road N.E., Paint Township, consideration $33,500.

Recorded June 12

Jo Jones to Divina McKinney, 606 Warren Ave., consideration $145,500.

Candy and Pat Rader to Kyle Kaiser, 7862 Madison Township Route 207 N.E., consideration $109,900.

Recorded June 11

Douglas Maddux to Miranda Brantley, 809 Yeoman St., consideration $90,000.

Recorded June 10

Deborah and John Griffith to Michael and Tiffany Oberley, 5188 Route 753 S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $233,900.

David Clay to Cortny Lutey, 1139 Gregg St., consideration $100,000.

Recorded June 9

Darlene and Terry Watkins to Michael Dickens, 2427 Bogus Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $220,000.

David Gardner to Amy and Michael Sword, 2870 Route 753 S.E., Union and Wayne Townships, consideration $185,000.

Recorded June 8

Jack and Koneta Johnson to Dustin and Hayley Dalton, 6783 Harrison Road N.E., Madison Township, consideration $118,000.

Recorded June 5

Nancy, Roger and Stacy Lovett to Stacey Weimer, 1267 Dayton Ave., Union Township, consideration $93,000.

Joshua and Tiffaney Diles to JLB1 Properties Llc, 1105 Dayton Ave., Union Township, consideration $131,000.

Powell Rei Llc to Brandon and Chelsey Wilson, 553 Albin Ave., consideration $120,000.

Recorded June 4

Deborah and Thomas Adams to David Arnold, 3126 Hoppers Road, Union Township, consideration $61,500.

Webco Enterprise Llc to Douglas Jones, 217 Flakesford Road S.E., Union Township, consideration $249,500.

Jason and Mandy Durose to Andrew Wilush, 481 Flakesford Road, Union Township, consideration $280,000.

Daniel and Trudy Brahosky to Randy Brungs, 330 N. Fayette St., consideration $138,000.

Recorded June 3

Jeffrey Litteral to Kristian Boltenhouse, 416 Spring Ave., consideration $115,000.

Vickie Hastings to Nicholas Funari, 540 Warren Ave., consideration $118,000.

Amy and Michael Sword to Dustin and Makenzie Sword, 4875 Route 207, Madison Township, consideration $115,000.

Recorded June 2

Jason Knisley to William Bowens, 839 Lincoln Drive, consideration $99,900.

Karen and Dale Jennings, 5840 Perry Township, consideration $224,000.

Maria and Richard Russell to Thomas Marietta Jr., 885 Riverbirch Road, consideration $149,900.

Recorded June 1

Heath and Shauna West to Elizabeth Jones, 627 Willard St., consideration $92,000.

Ellen McKirgan to Chan and Naka Sou, 4749 Route 207 N.E., consideration $35,000.

Recorded May 29

Hallie and Travis Kelley to Heather Kulin, 1234 Countryside Drive, consideration $275,000.

Jeffrey and Sarah Daniels to Samantha Harrell, 24 N. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $111,500.

Recorded May 28

Meghan and Ryan Yenger to Affordable Housing of Central Ohio Llc, 2 George St., Jeffersonville, consideration $84,400.

Cheyenne and Dee Duggins to Amy Sprouse, 640 Yeoman St., consideration $139,800.

MPJM Properties Llc to Britny Helsel, 5790 Inskeep Road N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $138,000.

Recorded May 26

Gregory Wieland, Carol Wieland, Patricia Wieland, Cindy Elrich, Robert Elrich and Steven Wieland to Mary Miller, 135 Hickory Lane, Union Township, consideration $200,000.

Recorded May 22

Jonelle Hodous, Julie and Patrick McGuff to Trevor Pursell, 810 Wayne Township Bogus Road S.E., consideration $192,400.