Master Gardeners still available for questions

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Fayette County Extension is working from home but is still fully available to answer questions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If anyone calls the Fayette County Extension Office phone number (740-335-1150) they will reach the same pleasant receptionist. She can forward the call to the person that can best answer the question. Emails will still go directly to the extension professional that needs to be contacted. Go to the Fayette County website at for contact information.

The Master Gardener coordinator, Sara Creamer, is no exception. Fayette County Master Gardener Volunteers (FCMGV) are available to answer gardening questions by phone (direct to Creamer, 740-239-5064) or email ( ).

Many people are gardening during the Covid-19 stay at home order. Whether a beginner or a veteran, anyone may have questions. Once back to work, gardeners may find they have less time to keep up with maintaining the garden and need advice.

That is why the FCMGVs now have virtual office hours on Thursday at 10 a.m.. This is a zoom meeting room and to join call or email Sara Creamer for the link and password. She can help decide the best way to join the meeting. Sara and FCMGVs will be in the online room to answer questions.

In addition, Sara or a FCMGV will prepare a brief presentation on a garden subject for the beginning of the meeting. The subjects will be listed on the Fayette County website and Facebook page (Ohio State – Fayette County Extension).

“We are looking forward to seeing you there,” Creamer said. “Happy gardening.”

Submitted article