Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded May 7

James Biddell to Philip Slone, 49 N. Main St., Jeffersonville, consideration $143,000.

Recorded May 5

Kendra and Randy Sparkman to Jeffrey Brown, 411 E. Temple St., consideration $189,900.

Recorded May 4

Jeffrey Brown to Kaitlin Cottrill and Brandon Davis, 5 Creamer St., Jeffersonville, consideration $142,500.

Recorded May 1

Maryann and Dean Earl to Leona Shasteen, 1208 Riverside Drive, consideration $247,000.

Michelle and Thomas Weaver to Anthony and Holly Dryden, 211 Grand Ave., consideration $139,900.

Anna Maxson to Al and Marion Grubb, 494 Ghormley Road, Perry Township, consideration $188,800.

Janice and Robert Cunningham to Angela and Nicholas Mathias, 23 Janes St., Jeffersonville, consideration $120,000.

Lisa and Ted Murdock to Robert Murdock, 1020 Lewis St., consideration $98,900.