Yost identifies $4.6 million in reductions to help offset revenue shortfall

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COLUMBUS — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today announced plans to trim over $4.6 million from his office’s budget to help soften the blow of COVID-19 on the state’s finances.

“The financial strain of COVID-19 demands a hard look at government spending,” Yost said. “My office will continue to do its part to relieve the pressure weighing on the state’s budget.”

In total, Yost said his office plans to make $4.6 million in reductions to help offset the state’s tax revenue shortfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The reductions include remaining dollars from untapped local government grant programs that expire at the end of the fiscal year.

The planned reductions amount to more than 5 percent of the revenue the Ohio Attorney General’s Office receives through the state’s general revenue fund. The office’s share of GRF budget proceeds is just .26 percent of the state’s $33.9 billion GRF budget.

The announcement comes as fiscal year 2020 draws to a close on June 30.

Submitted article