Parents: Please help keep children safe

By Joe Denen - Washington C.H. City Manager

I am writing to you today to ask for your help keeping our children and the whole community safe during these difficult times. I am a parent and I know that social distancing is difficult for kids.

Children enjoying the outdoors and maintaining reasonable distance apart is healthy. Children ignoring social distancing and visiting their friends’ homes risks spreading the COVID 19 virus. While most children infected with the virus will suffer little, risk to their health remains. Indiscriminate movement of children ignoring social distancing in the community will spread the virus.

I have no desire to tell anyone how to raise their children. If you are a parent or guardian, I am asking you to talk with your children about the importance of social distancing. Also, please tell your children not to enter their friends’ homes.

The next several weeks will be difficult. The news is not likely to be good. Our resolve will be challenged. What is asked of us now is small compared to the risk the virus threatens. It is an irony that physical separation is now the best means to demonstrate our love for our families and friends.

Please talk with your children and help keep them safe.

By Joe Denen

Washington C.H. City Manager