Clinton County has 2nd confirmed case of COVID-19

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Clinton County now has its second confirmed case of the coronavirus, according to the Ohio Department of Health’s latest update.

As of Wednesday the state has 704 confirmed cases, with 10 fatalities; 14,764 people in Ohio have been tested.

In response to the state’s need for donations of personal protective equipment (including in Clinton County), Gov. Mike DeWine said Wednesday, “We are so appreciative of other businesses sharing their PPE, also career and technical schools, construction businesses and others. To all those who are sharing their supplies of PPE — thank you! If there are any of you who can add to this, we appreciate it!”

DeWine said, “We have also learned that the Development Services Agency has secured approval from the US Dept. of Health & Human Services to extend the Winter Crisis Program from March 31 to May 1.”

Regarding “essential businesses”, he said, “Even if you aren’t an essential business, these safe work environment standards are going to last for a while as we come out of the situation we’re in. Everyone should prepare themselves to follow these standards.

“Please do not call law enforcement, the health department, or the COVID-19 helpline to ask for advice on if you are an essential business. Business owners must read the order and make their own judgments.

“You do not need a letter, certification, or clearance, but it is recommended that you create a document about why you believe you are an essential business and how you are providing a safe workplace.

DeWine also said, “I’m really proud of all the young people at home. I want all of you at home to keep spreading the word and staying at home!”

Lt. Gov Jon Husted added regarding the stay at home order, “We ask you to just read the order. It’s on the website at You need to use your own good judgment of that order to make your own determination if you are essential.”

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