Officials encourage businesses to help stop the spread

The Record-Herald

The following is a joint press release from the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, Fayette County Public Health, the Fayette County Commissioners, and the City of Washington Court House.

As we know, we are navigating uncharted waters. At this time, it is more important than ever to listen to and heed the advice of our elected officials as well as our health professionals. Fayette County Public Health, along with our county commissioners and city manager, ask that as business owners, we do everything in our power to stop the spread.

Currently, the chamber office and the health department are fielding a multitude of calls regarding the current pandemic. Please note, the chamber is not in a position to determine who is and isn’t essential. Many employees are also calling and asking if their employer is acting in accordance with the order.

Deputy Health Commissioner, Leigh Cannon is concerned with the amount of calls she is getting regarding non-compliance.

“I want the express the seriousness of this matter to everyone. We understand that everyone is being affected by these orders right now. We want to do everything in our power to keep businesses operating, but for right now we need you to comply to the order so we are not forced to order you to close. We will be enforcing this order, and we would rather places comply so we do not have to make this decision.

“We also understand that our office is open to handle violation complaints, but understand when those calls come in you are taking away a health department staff member who otherwise is needed to fight this virus. Please, just everyone do the right thing so we can get back to normal sooner than later. “

A joint statement from the Fayette County Commissioners reads, “In order to allow our community a good chance at slowing the spread of COVID 19, we need to comply with Governor DeWine’s order to shelter in place. This also includes non-essential businesses to close for the period set by the Governor. While the term ‘non-essential’ is vague, we are asking business owners to use common sense when making their decisions. Please know that Fayette County will work on your behalf to lobby for aid from our federal and state government to assist you during this difficult period.

“Lastly, this is Fayette County’s best chance to slow the spread of the virus in our community. Let’s all continue to work together, as Fayette County always has, to fight the disease that is on our doorstep.”

Washington Court House City Manager Joe Denen adds, “All of us know that the health orders are causing a great deal of economic hardship and uncertainty. We have a challenge to human health that as a society and a nation that we need to address.”

Please do your part to stop the spread. If hand sanitizer is not available, allow your employees a moment to wash their hands. If you are unable to check temperatures of each employee, please use the COVID-19 Screening form provided.

We are all in this together and appreciate each and every one of you as we continue to fight this war on the health and well being of Fayette County.

Be well – stay well,

Leigh Cannon, Deputy Health Commissioner, Fayette County Public Health

Julie Bolender, President of Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

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