Denen explains electric aggregation program

Submitted by City Manager Joe Denen

Recently, residents of Washington Court House received a letter from Energy Harbor with the logo of the City of Washington Court House on the letterhead while those residing within Fayette County (but outside the city limits) received a letter with similar content.

The letter received by city residents advised that the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for electric was falling to $4.81. This is the Electric Aggregation Program of the City of Washington C.H. that was approved by local voters in November of 2011.

Fayette County commenced a substantially identical electric aggregation program at a date later than the city’s electric aggregation program. The electric supplier of the Fayette County program is also Energy Harbor and the rate is also $4.81 per kWh. This can help explain why residents of Fayette County outside of the city limits would have received a similar letter at about the same time as residents of the city.

Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) remains the electric utility and will continue to be the company that bills for electric, as normal. DP&L will bill for maintaining the power lines and Energy Harbor’s charges for supplying the actual electric. All electric bill charges will appear on the same bill, as normal.

As long as a resident wishes to participate in the program or wishes to remain in the program, no actions are needed. Enrollment should proceed automatically.

Residents may opt-out of the program by completing and returning the attached form on the letter. The opt-out deadline, according to the letter, is March 30. At a later date, if a resident decides they don’t like the electric aggregation program, the program can be left with no early termination fee.

If a resident doesn’t recall receiving the letter or has already discarded the letter and wants to review the letter in its entirety, the letter is posted on the website of the City of Washington Court House,, at

The city receives no compensation for your participation in the city’s electric aggregation program. The City of Washington Court House provides the electric aggregation program so that people can get a reasonable electric rate and not have to decipher a multitude of electric offers.

Residents are welcome to call City Manager Joe Denen with questions at 740-636-2340 or by email at [email protected]

“I also enjoy a visit, but with current COVID-19 concerns, I believe that a telephone call or email is best,” explained Denen. “However, if you want to talk to me in person, I am happy to speak with you.”

Submitted by City Manager Joe Denen