Washington Garden Club holds March meeting

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The Washington Garden Club was so glad to see each other the first of March. Lunch at the Willow Restaurant was very nice to be reopened after a fire.

Lee Reno, Joan Rodgers and Linda Warfield were there to celebrate Joan’s 92nd birthday. The March meeting was conducted by secretary Warfield. Winnie Gregory and Sherry Dehass were both ill. Lunch was so delicious.

The business meeting opened with roll call – birds. The popular bird was cardinal. The information; they mate for life and live approximately 12 years. They produce young two to four times each season – spring and summer. The babies stay for two weeks in the next and then mom sends them out to start their own life. When male and female meet the boy feeds the girl beak to beak for their courtship.

The story of the four-leaf clover was the main topic. Each leaf has a statement; faith, hope, love and luck. The leaf protects against evil if you are lucky enough to find one. The one who does find a four-leaf clover, the legend will be you will meet your “love” the same day? There are 10,000 three-leaf clovers to every one four-leaf clover. Ireland has more four-leaf clovers than anywhere else in the world.

The Garden Clubs of Fayette County will be honored at the Washington Cemetery. The beautification projects of both clubs are the three-tier fountain and Judy Chapel. The Washington Tree Committee will plant two trees in the club names. Don Creamer will be on hand; April 24 at noon. The public is invited and club members will be on hand for questions and answers.

They will welcome any interested persons to join either club. Contact Warfield at (937) 675-9029. The April 7 meeting will be held at Warfield’s home at 60 N. Limestone St. in Jamestown. The community is welcome.

Submitted article