Ohio Dept. of Agriculture celebrates Weights and Measures Week

The Record-Herald

To honor the hard work of all weights and measures officials, including those housed at the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), Gov. John Kasich has declared the week of March 1-7 Ohio Weights and Measures Week.

Weights and measures officials work to both protect consumers and provide fair competition among businesses. Weights and Measures Week is celebrated March 1-7 each year to commemorate John Adams signing the first United States weights and measures law on March 2, 1799.

Today ODA’s Division of Weights and Measures works daily with county and city officials to ensure the accuracy of devices ranging from retail store scanners to gas pumps to livestock scales, to name a few. The division is also home to one of only four National Type Evaluation Program laboratories in the nation, which tests and evaluates new scale designs and technology.

“With the combination of the hard work of our Division of Weights and Measures officials and the first-rate technology our laboratories have to offer, Ohioans are assured of a strong and accurate marketplace” said Ohio Agriculture Director David T. Daniels.

In addition, the department is home to Ohio’s Metrology Laboratory, which houses the state’s standards of mass, length and volume. In 2008, the lab received accreditation to the International Standard of Organization 17025. This assures necessary traceability for Ohio manufacturers and businesses using these services.

For more information about the department’s Division of Weights and Measures, visit www.agri.ohio.gov.

This article was submitted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

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