Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded January 9

James and Nancy Thompson to Taylor Priest, 728 Columbus Ave., consideration $79,900.

Recorded January 8

Bradley and Natalie Massie to Derrick Arnett, 3205 Worthington Road SW, Concord Township, consideration $125,000.

Carrie Ingram to Luke Smathers, 313 Florence St., consideration $104,000.

Anita and Jeffrey Sheridan, 325 E. Temple St., consideration $194,000.

Brenda and Max Hughes to Tamela Barton, 1148 E. Paint St., consideration $120,000.

Recorded January 3

Rebecca Kuper to Christopher and Tabitha Anderson, 3506 Washington Waterloo Road NE, Union Township, consideration $172,900.