Washington Fire Dept. reports

The Washington Fire Department recently responded to the following:

JAN. 9

CO CHECK: 9:39 a.m., 609 E. Market St., owner: Jeff Bashor, person involved: Shane Osbourne – Occupant reported a carbon monoxide detector activation and requested a check for carbon monoxide. Firefighters investigated and checked the operation of the furnace which was the only gas appliance. Firefighters checked for CO on the first and second levels of the home. No carbon monoxide was detected. The occupants were advised to replace the carbon monoxide detector which was 8-years-old.

JAN. 8

ALARM ACTIVATION: 9:35 a.m., 2101 Kenskill Ave., Sugar Creek Packing – Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a commercial fire alarm. FD was notified via radio while en-route to cancel, facility personnel advised that maintenance was being performed on the system at the time of the alarm transmission.

EMS CALL: 1:05 p.m., 684 Peddicord Ave. – First response for the Fayette County Life Squad

ALARM ACTIVATION: 1:15 p.m., 2101 Kenskill Ave., Sugar Creek Packing – FD was notified via radio by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, while on an active incident scene of a commercial fire alarm. FD was notified via radio while en-route to cancel our response. Notification from the alarm monitoring company advised of maintenance being performed to the system and that it was an unintentional transmission.

GAS CHECK: 4:47 p.m., 629 S. Fayette St., Sonja Smith – Received call from homeowner stating there is an odor in the house and requested the FD to check for a gas leak. FD investigation did find a small leak in the gas line supplying the hot water boiler. FD shut off the gas and power supply to the boiler and advised the homeowner to have repairs made.

JAN. 7

ALARM ACTIVATION: 9:14 p.m., 4771 Washington Waterloo Rd, Cindy Miller – FD responded to a smoke alarm activation. Upon arrival, the occupant stated that construction dust had caused the alarm. There was no problem.

JAN. 6

ALARM ACTIVATION: 1:15 p.m., 719 Rawling Street, Fayette Landing – FD responded to a fire alarm activation with reports of smoke inside the building. Upon arrival, FD found a single-story, multi-unit building with no signs of fire from the exterior. Upon making entry into the building, FD encountered a light haze of smoke. FD made sure the building was clear of occupants and began the search for the source of the smoke. The manager on scene reported having problems with the heating unit. A service tech was en-route to inspect the heating unit. The manager had shut off the unit and electric service to the entire building prior to FD’s arrival. FD searched the entire structure for the source of the smoke, including the attic space, the apartments and all of the common areas. No fire was found. When the service tech arrived, he removed the covers from the heating unit and reported that everything appeared normal. FD used positive pressure ventilation to remove the smoke. The power to the building was restored and the heating unit was turned back on. The fire alarm was also reset. With all systems operating, the smoke did not return. FD did detect an odor, but could not pinpoint the source. The odor was stronger when the heating unit was running. The service tech was to return to replace some parts on the unit. FD advised the manager to contact FD if the problem persisted.