Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded December 27

Connie and Robert Seymour to Nathan Seymour, 8544 Washington-Waterloo Road NE, Marion Township, consideration $82,500.

Recorded December 26

Connie Bartruff to Kyle Brown, 832 E. Temple St., consideration $80,000.

Connie and Robert Elliott, James, Peggy, Phyllis and Steven Anderson to Steven Anderson and Patricia Mays, consideration $85,000.

Alma McDonald to Lance Henkle, 110 Midland Ave., Bloomingburg, consideration $26,000.

Recorded December 24

Ruth Worrell to Amanda Stringfield, 660 Lewis St., consideration $135,000.

Recorded December 23

Jason and Morgan Gardner to Devin Bainter, 142 Woodsview Court, Jeffersonville, consideration $114,500.

Recorded December 20

Michael Estle to Rebecca and Scott Smith, 123 Clearview Road, consideration $110,000.

Caitlin Caldwell to Kenneth Puckett, 332 Gregg St., consideration $49,900.

J.H. Cochran and Robert Ison to Richard Cunningham, 17 Octa Jasper Township Railroad St., consideration $59,000.

Recorded December 19

Roger Ater to Dawn Ventry, 830 Rawling St., consideration $50,000.

Recorded December 17

Jason and Nicole Crabtree to Allen Hale, 303 Cloverleaf Ln, consideration $173,000.

Recorded December 13

Jeffrey and Rogina Conroy to Eric Coplin, 6011 Route 41, Jefferson Township, consideration $280,000.

Eric Coplin to Joy and Nathan Borish, 234 Hickory Ln, Union Township, consideration $140,000.

Recorded December 12

Keith and Susan Eckles to Thomas Ray Hawk and Claude Angela Dumont Hawk, two parcels of land one of which is located at 502 S. Fayette St., consideration $1,157,600.

Ashley and Damain Forsha to Alexander and Cortney Desantis, 877 Linden Ave., consideration $148,000.

Pharon and Sharon Smith to Ashley Knisley, 1008 Millwood Ave., consideration $92,500.

Brian and Kelly Larrick to Galit Kedar, 429 Millikan Ave., consideration $18,000.

Paul and Teresa Tobias to Nathaniel and William Germann, 1032 E. Temple St., consideration $98,000.

Recorded December 11

Geraldine Williams to Mindy and Terry Eckle, 201 Kathryn Court, consideration $157,500.

Jacqueline Jenkins to Michael Davis, 314 N. Hinde St., consideration $108,500.

Recorded December 5

Joye Henman and Lois Whiting to Brandon Penwell, 707 and 715 Maple St., consideration $76,000.

Recorded December 4

Alecia and Jeffery Wilson to David Leisure, 1116 Jamison Road NW, Union Township, consideration $129,200.

Recorded December 3

Robert Anderson to Brooke and Nathan Dailey, 1324 Flakes Ford Road, Union Township, consideration $110,000.

David and Kathy Johnson to Amanda and Ethan Johnson, 101.75 acres Cross Road, Greenfield, consideration $492,300.

Dennis Beis and Julia Carpenter-Beis to James and Valaria Campbell, 503 E. East St., consideration $158,600.

Colleen and Harold Downing to Ashley Kolb and Timothy Wright, 6129 Palmer Road, Jasper Township, consideration $332,000.

Recorded December 2

Melissa and Thomas Queen to Katelynn Barnhart, 409 E. Paint St., consideration $89,000.

Barbara and Jerry Curnutte to John and Patricia Wood, 1401 Clubwood Manor, consideration $224,000.