Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

December 11

Mark C Wood DBA Woodys Vending #2, Northbound Rest Stop I-71, Jeffersonville. Follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: the manual for the merchant media coffee machine was provided and the machine does come with a coffee grounds waste bucket. According to a food specialist with the Ohio Department of Health, as long as the machine is NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) or NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), approved the equipment is safe to use in a food service operation. The coffee machine was found to be approved by NAMA therefore, the unit is safe to use following manufacturers instructions.

December 10

AUI—McKesson, 3000 Kenskill Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/ comments: observed debris in vending shelves. Debris needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis so accumulation does not occur. Machine reading at 39 degrees Fahrenheit. No issues with dates.

December 4

Mark C Wood DBA Woodys Vending #2, Northbound Rest Stop I-71, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/ comments: the fan guards and coils were found with an accumulation of dust. Nonfood contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation. A trash receptacle found stored inside of the merchant media coffee machine. A receptacle may not be located within a vending machine. According to the person in charge, the receptacle came with the machine and is used to discard the coffee beans. He stated that a manual for this unit will be provided via email.

December 3

El Canon Restaurant, 1381 Leesburg Ave. Follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: The person in charge is now certified in food safety. His level one certificate was provided. Thank you.

November 25

Jack’s Burgers, 1619 State Route 22. Thirty-day inspection. Violations/ comments: No advisory label found for under-cooked products. The license holder must inform consumers of the significantly increased risk of consuming raw or under-cooked foods by a way of a disclosure and reminder using brochures, menu advisories, labels or other effective written means. A few food containers were found without labels. Containers holding food that were removed from its original package within a food establishment must be labeled. The person in charge labeled the containers during the inspection. Disposable spoons, coffee filters, coffee packages and coins all found stored inside one of the kitchen drawers. Food and food utensils must be stored separately from miscellaneous items and protected from any source of contamination. The spoons were discarded along with the coffee filters and the coffee packages were removed to a separate location.