Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded October 31

Rodney and Sandra Degenkolb to Nataha Shaw, 1245 Rawlings St., consideration $87,600.

Elizabeth and Jeremy Shaw to Bethanie O’Flaherty and Trenton Watson, 3518 Bunkerhill Glendon Rd, Concord Township, consideration $125,000.

Bethanie O’Flaherty, Ronald, Sharon and Trent Watson to Jenna Duff, 230 W. Elm St., consideration $104,000.

Recorded October 28

JBS Properties LTD to Anna Evans, 616 S. Fayette St., consideration $116,000.

Recorded October 25

Nancy Hammond to Ian Miller (half interest), James and Laura Miller (undivided half interest), parcel of land (23 Wash), consideration $20,500.

Taylor Coy and Zachary Hoffmann to Karen Healy, 1106 S. Main St., consideration $127,000.

Dale Clark and Dorothy Gilpen to Josef and Sandra Bielanow, 8017 Hamilton St., Octa Jasper Township, consideration $39,000.

Molly Kreager to Darrin and Sheila Tubaugh, 721 Yeoman St., consideration $77,000.

Recorded October 23

Linda and Milan Hansen to Beverley and John Harden, 305 N. Fayette St., consideration $55,000.

Cheryl, James and John Luke to Ronald Ison, 11694 Marchant Luttrell Rd, Jasper Township, consideration $135,000.

Recorded October 22

Rebecca Hiser to Jacob Creamer, 8192 Main St., Milledgeville, consideration $87,000.

Abigail and Treg Brown to Angela Steiner, 816 Lincoln Dr., consideration $122,000.

Rita Bethel, Roberta and Wayne Davis, Shirley and William Gaskell, Jane Kinnison, Julia and Larry McCalla to Julia and Larry McCalla, 11267 Beatty Rd SE, Perry township, consideration $54,000.

Recorded October 21

Holly and Thomas Heath to John Coffman, 3619 Rte 753 SE, Wayne Township, consideration $244,000.

Carroll Halliday Inc. to Cheryl and Ronald Mullikin, 505 S. Elm St., consideration $130,000.

Helen and Michael Oyer to Isaac Shannon, 1331 Yellowbud Place, consideration $180,000.

Esther and Joseph Cockerill to Darci and Travis Moore, 6708 Miami Trace Rd, Perry Township, consideration $40,000.

Judy and Larry McCalla to Jessica and Ryan Beal, 406 E. Temple St., consideration $82,400.

Myrtle Troute to Christopher Munk, 326 Earl Ave., consideration $103,000.

Renee Snider to Matthew Smith, 705 MacArthur Way, consideration $145,000.

Diana Crandall and Richard Robinson to Dwayne Rohrer, 1214 Washington Ave., consideration $113,000.

Recorded October 17

Jay and Kristyna Williams to Christopher Braman, 3923 North St. SE, Wayne Township, consideration $115,000.

Recorded October 16

Joyce and Larry McConkey to Heather Cruea, 351 Hickory Lane, Union Township, consideration $174,400.

Jacob and Rachel Cantrell to Jason Cummings, 137 Mcdowell St., Bloomingburg, consideration $119,900.

Pamela Rhoads, Sandra Rhoads and Kenneth Kreinbrink to Debbie H Weade Properties LLC, parcel of land, consideration $200,000.

Recorded October 8

Shawn Cox to Amy and Brian White, 652 Comfort Lane, consideration $114,900.

Amy and Brian White to Jamie Mercer, 222 Ogle St., consideration $103,500.

Gerry Rosenberger to Carmen and Thomas Moore, 3489 Bogus Rd SE, consideration $225,000.

Sherry Bower to Brad Helsel, 622 and 626 Gregg St., consideration $10,000.

Recorded October 7

Denise Neds and Lisa Peacock to Barbara and Dan Summers, 1419 Greensview Lane, consideration $193,000.

Recorded October 4

Crystal and Donald Payton to Scott Duffy, 5 Waterloo, consideration $59,500.

Recorded October 3

Harold Sager to Kyle Cutter, 130 W. Ohio Ave., consideration $62,000.

Roger Anderson to Colleen Meehan and Dirk Witherspoon, 2610 Old Springfield Rd., Marion Township, consideration $195,233.

Brenda and Larry Wright to Arthur and Barbara Perry, 4775 Rt 41 NW, Jefferson Township, consideration $157,500.

Kenny and Rhonda Lawson to Ashley and Joshua Chojnacki, 9646 Madison Rd NE, Madison Township, consideration $300,000.

Regina Simonson to Cynthia and Kyle Cockerill, 1612 Barbara Lane, Union Township, consideration $70,000.

Recorded October 2

Arnold Clay to Jason Gardner, 142 Woodsview Ct., Jeffersonville, consideration $73,000.

Debra and Ricky Lucas to Mark and Nicole Pitstick, 310 N. Fayette St., consideration $50,000.

Jason and Valerie Havens to Dylan Crusie, 320 Rose Ave., consideration $83,000.

Recorded October 1

Framar LLC to Kevin Paul Bell, 1628 Washington Avenue, consideration $47,000.