Downtown WCH gets ‘Creative’

Non-profit arts organization finds new location

By Martin Graham - [email protected]

Creative Court House has found a home for its operations – a downtown Washington Court House location will serve as the center for most of the organization’s programs.

The non-profit organization is an initiative by locals to bring the arts to Washington C.H. by offering various instructional and entertaining classes to the community. The hope is through this initiative that the downtown will be revitalized with the arts and local talent leading the charge.

According to president of Creative Court House, Mandy Miller, the organization has been looking for a location since July and was hoping to get their own spot in Washington C.H. Fortunately, after donations and efforts from the board of directors, they recently signed a lease and took occupancy of the building on Feb. 1. The new location is at 143 N. Main St., a spot Miller says is just perfect for what they hope to bring to the community.

“We have a little bit of work to do before we can start to use the location for our operations,” Miller said. “It is all cosmetic. We have been doing things like cleaning the floor, painting the walls, that kind of stuff. We are going to try and put some new sinks in, because we could definitely use them. We are hoping to have the place opened up and ready to go by March. It’s just been us working our little tails off trying to get everything all ready.”

The new location will support most of the classes they plan on bringing to the community, according to Miller. Other than a painting event at Streetside 62 on Friday, Feb. 19 and a Craftapalooza at the YMCA on Saturday, March 5, most other events will be held at this new location. The intention with the new site is also to begin other new classes.

“With us being right downtown, we will be right in the action of those great downtown events the Chamber of Commerce or Main Street Fayette will be putting on,” Miller said. “For instance, we will be one of the destinations for the upcoming Chocolate Walk and will be there for the Scarecrow Festival. Speaking of that festival though, Creative Court House has taken over all of the responsibility for children activities. We are pretty excited.”

Among new classes soon to be offered, ceramics, thanks to a kiln, and cake decorating, thanks to owner of Peace, Love and Sweets, will be featured. For more information on upcoming classes and events, contact Miller at (740) 601-3901. Additionally, potential volunteers or anyone wanting to donate sewing equipment, working computers or other items can also contact Miller.

“I want to thank the board of directors for all of their work toward getting us a new home, because without them I do not think we could have gotten anywhere,” Miller said. “I work full-time, attend classes as well as take care of my own children. A couple of the board members have taken extra time to help prepare the building and have all been so supportive of new ideas. I would also like to introduce a new board member, Susan Rossiter, who is an artist by trade but will also work on other things for Creative Court House. These members are more than just a board to me though….they are my friends. We have been through quite a lot already, but I know we have a lot more to do.”

Non-profit arts organization finds new location

By Martin Graham

[email protected]

Reach Martin Graham at (740) 313-0351 or on Twitter @MartiTheNewsGuy

Reach Martin Graham at (740) 313-0351 or on Twitter @MartiTheNewsGuy