Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded September 9

Cara, Chad and Teresa Depugh to Gary and Traci Woodrow, 7886 Rockwell Rd. NE, consideration $10,000.

Rocky and Theresa Martindill to KE-WCH Rentals LLC, 1026 Lakeview Ave., consideration $85,000.

Bethany and Darren Green to Paul Jordan Nouhan, 387 Staunton Sugar Grove Rd., consideration $289,900.

Jessica and Norman Fugett to Brian and Megan Smith, 4405 Rt. 41 NW, consideration $349,900.

Sandi Thompson to KE-WCH Rentals LLC, 309 S. North St., consideration $75,000.

Recorded September 6

Mary Swepston to Home Crafters Mended LLC, 150 W. East St., consideration $100,000.

Kay and Thomas Schoenfeld to Bernard and Suzanne Gebhardt, 642 Comfort Lane, consideration $103,000.

Ron Bec Properties LLC to Tom Ray Hawk and Claude Angela Dumont Hawk, 915 S. North St., consideration $65,000.

Matthew and Kimberly Songs to Deanna and Scott McVeigh, 1191 Red Mile BLVD, consideration $260,000.

Home Crafters Mended LLC to Anthony Duncan, 329 E. Elm St., consideration $75,000.

Michael and Jennifer Merritt to Evelyn and Frankie Merritt, 5848 Inskeep Rd. NW, consideration $90,000.

Recorded September 5

Patricia Zimmerman to Angela Williams-Gebhardt, 411 N North St., consideration $7,100.

Lennie and Thomas Fillmore to Makayla Alspaugh and John Bennett, 11563 Beatty Rd., consideration $95,500.

Branen L Weade Properties LLC to Victoria and Zachary Brashears, 7596 White Oak Rd., consideration $131,200.

Betty Grottendick to Mary Carroll, 75 Country Manor Dr., consideration $158,000.

Recorded September 4

Timothy Carpenter to Michael and Kathy Saltz, 303 5th St., consideration $67,900.

Recorded September 3

Raymond Hendricks to Timothy D. Hendricks, 21/22/23 Octa township and 8137/8153 Railroad Street, consideration $7,500.

Randy and Stephanie Ater to Chasitiy Forsha and Michael Ethan Cowman, 825 Rawlings St., consideration $12,700.

Joan Robes to Charles Lang, 732 Columbus Ave., consideration $30,000.