Young Atomic Farmers hold first meeting

By Johnna Alltop - Young Atomic Farmers News Reporter

On the 24th of January the Young Atomic Farmers 4-H club had their first meeting of the upcoming 4-H year.

The meeting was held at the New Martinsbug Township Hall. At this meeting of the Young Atomic Farmers, we had eight members in attendance and one of these members was newcomer, Nikkiah Smith. We received our awards and achievement from the previous year and we read a thank you note for a 4-H award donation.

Enrollment forms and guide books were handed out to each member and a date was set to bring them back to the advisors so everything could be handed at once. We vote on many things at the meeting. We voted on the amount each member will have to pay in dues, whether or not to have a booth at the upcoming 4-H carnival, whether or not to donate items to the well at Sunnyside, and finally we voted on whether or not to decorate a window for 4-H week.

On all the items the motions passed to participate in each event and it was agreed to keep the dues the same as last year. To wrap everything up advisor, Patty Bailey, told everyone present about the new zoning laws.

Our next meeting is on Feb. 7, 2016 at New Martinsburg Township Hall at 5:30 pm.

By Johnna Alltop

Young Atomic Farmers News Reporter