Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

September 27

Framar LLC to Gerald Garrison, 106-110 E. Paint St., consideration $50,000.

Adrian and Tina Eicher to Jesse Coblentz, 299 Fishback Rd. (New Martinsburg), consideration $125,000.

September 26

Candace Cherrington to Erica and Michael Hobbs, 17 Janes St. (Jeffersonville), consideration $140,000.

Peggy Gass to Summer Rowe, 3533 Worthington Rd. (Concord Township), consideration $199,900.

Barbara and Dan Summers to Andrew and Meredith Daniels, 567 Tiara Way, consideration $245,000.

Andy and Stacey Fitzpatrick, David and Roiann Kunka, Charles Kunka to Gordon and Karen Lowe, 7.3965 acre tract (Marion Township), consideration $60,000.

Cody Knapp to Shannon Szczerbiak, 13847 Rte. 35 NW (Jefferson Township), consideration $70,000.

Steve and Tara Harrington to Kirk and Robin Claypool, 209 Kathryn Court, consideration $160,500.

Angel Caldwell to Craig Jones, 2196 Miami Trace Rd. (Wayne Township), consideration $181,900.

September 25

Karen Griffith to Bradley and Teri Maust, 978 Jasper Coil Rd. (Jasper Township), consideration $60,000.

September 24

Dennis and Tawny Mitchell to Robert L McKinney, 431 Albin Ave., consideration $82,000.

Teresa and William Seyfang to Derek and Heather Seyfang, 1294 Fishback Rd. (Perry Township), consideration $325,000.

Michael, Paula and Roger Belles to Christine and Shaun Charters, 10.585 acre tract (Paint and Jefferson Township), consideration $19,000.

September 23

Charlotte and Kelley Crites to Carla and Daniel Berry, 0 State Rte. 207 (Mount Sterling), consideration $25,000.

PB Property Management LLC to Branen L Weade Properties LLC, 733 John St., consideration $1,000.

September 20

Ashley and David Berman to John and Sandra Gruber, 1101 Storybrook Dr., consideration $269,900.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Lance Joseph, 723 and 727 E. Main St., consideration $50,000.

Dean and Deborah Shepherd to Straathof LLC, 524 Bogus Rd. SE (Union Township), consideration $85,000.

September 18

James Hamby to Jennifer and Michael Hamilton, 2838 Rte. 62 SW, consideration $135,000.

Deanna Ison to Michael Cummings, 1609 Harold Rd. (Paint Township), consideration $12,800.

September 17

Sean Rutherford to Cammy Brown, 192 Staunton Jasper Rd. (Concord Township), consideration $149,900.

Tammy Wyatt to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 9752 Rte. 41 N. (Perry Township), consideration $63,400.

September 13

Tanner Onesko to Chad and Pamela Carper, 820 Linden Ave., consideration $139,900.

Recorded September 10

Flynn Michael to Matthew Raymond and Raven Raymond, 149 Hawthorne Dr. (Union Township), consideration $134,500.

Brenda Paul and Ernest Paul to Emery Tackett and Virginia Tackett, 436 Earl Ave., consideration $1,000.

Brown-Mitten LLC to Kenneth Kazee, 621 Gregg St., consideration $69,900.