Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

October 7

Belle Aire Elementary, 1120 High St. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: The kitchen is clean through out. All food temperatures were within the safe range. Staff is knowledgeable of critical control points. No recommendations at this time. Thank you.

October 4

Miami Trace Middle, 3800 State Rte. 41 NW. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: hot holding temperatures: chicken tenders at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, french fries at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, green beans at 170 degrees Fahrenheit, corn at 170 degrees Fahrenheit, chicken patties at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Reheating temperatures: chicken tenders at 170 degrees Fahrenheit, chicken tenders (separate batch) at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold holding temperatures: juice at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, fruit cup at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. All food observed were at their proper safe temperatures. The light inside of the walk-in freezer is now at least ten foot candles. Thank you.

Washington Band Boosters (Old building), football field. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: Operation satisfactory. No recommendations at this time.

Washington Band Boosters (New building), football field. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: Operations satisfactory.

October 1

Subway 35171, 12484 State Rte. 35 NW, Jeffersonville. Standard and follow-up inspections. Violations/Comments: The pop nozzles are now clean. Thermometers are now provided for all coolers. Disposable utensils are now stored in a clean, dry location.

Ranchers, 501 S. Elm St. Complaint inspection. Violations/Comments: Complaint concerning a gas leak. Spoke with manager Sydney W.—All coolers working properly. No gas leak. All good.

Miami Trace Middle, 3800 State Rte. 41 NW. Critical Control Point (FSO) inspection. Violations/Comments: During the critical control point inspection it was evident that the perishable pre-cooked food was not being reheated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The pizza was reheated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and, according to the facilities cooking and reheating temperature log, the cooked hamburger was reheated to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, green beans to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and refried beans to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Perishable food that is cooked, cooled and reheated for hot holding must be reheated so that all parts of the food reach a temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds for organism destruction. Chicken tenders were found held at 170 degrees Fahrenheit and hamburgers were held hot at 117 degrees Fahrenheit. Perishable food in a ht holding state must be at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit to limit the growth of pathogens. The person in charge voluntarily discarded these food items immediately. The lighting inside of the walk-in freezer is too low. According to the person-in-charge, there are times when the light does not come on. The light intensity must be at least ten-foot candles in walk-in coolers/ freezers for proper cleaning and easy visibility. Knowledge and Responsibility: The person in charge failed to display good knowledge of critical control points and critical violations were present.

September 30

Winkin Willy’s, 608 Delaware St. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: No thermometer inside of the refrigerator. A thermometer must be provided to ensure proper temperatures.