Why are you running for WCH city council?

Candidates respond to R-H questions

By Jennifer Woods - [email protected]

The general election on Nov. 5 has five people running for three seats on the Washington Court House City Council: Jim Blair, Jim Chrisman (running for reelection), Jason Gilmore, Kathie Oesterle and Kendra Redd-Hernandez (running for reelection).

The Record-Herald supplied questionnaires either through email or on a printed document. Answers were collected, organized and then split into four articles. The following is part three of the collected answers:

9) What qualifies you for office?

Blair—My varied work experience record qualifies me. I served in many management and employee capacities. I was a computer operator at Milacron, an electrician in the United States Air Force, a salesman for Bose Corporation, an account manager for Micro Warehouse and the business manager for four funerals homes with Wellman Funeral Homes. Currently, I am working for a tax accounting firm (Mossbarger and Smithson CPA’s) during tax season. I will have ample time to devote to city council as I am retired.

Having been raised in this community, I have seen the “best of times, and the worst of times.” I believe with the proper leadership we can make a comeback and be an example for other communities to look to when they need revitalization.

Chrisman—50 plus years in business, 24 years on council, four years as chairperson and common sense.

Gilmore—From being a small business owner, I believe I bring a great amount of expertise in terms of relationships between myself and my customers and likewise, council member and constituent. Being a caterer, you are in a different situation where you are with your customer while they eat what you made. Therefore, you learn quickly to always take great care of your customers and that is exactly what I will do on Council.

Oesterle—My vast experience in sales and corporate communications has given me a unique experience in understanding the negotiation game, and I hope to bring that to Council.

Redd-Hernandez—I spend every day downtown trying to survive and thrive as a small business. I interact with our community members and listen to their suggestions and needs. I hear out of town visitors’ comments. I also feel I have a very good working relationship with all the departments in the city and county which encourages teamwork and appreciation. I chose to return to Washington C.H. because I love this town and want to make it the best it can be.

10) What are three of your best qualities?

Blair—Conservative Values, Loyalty and Honesty.

Chrisman—I care about this town, the citizens, I respond to citizens, return calls, etc. I am a conservative. I use common sense.

Gilmore—Kind, compassionate and determined for excellence.

Oesterle—Teamwork, leadership and reaching out to others/communication.

Redd-Hernandez—Honesty, Strong Moral Code, Sincere Heart.

11) What are your three main weaknesses?

Blair—Caring too much (if that is a weakness), can be impatient at times about seeing results and time management.

Chrisman—Once in a while I am outspoken, but some things need to be said—maybe this is a strength.

Gilmore—Dislike ambiguity, sometimes should ask for help more and wine.

Oesterle—Too detail oriented, hard to say “no” and impatient when goals are not met.

Redd-Hernandez—Outspoken, Perfectionist, Idealist.

12) Why are you running for office?

Blair—I care about the future of our City. Having been raised here and also raised my own family here, I am concerned about our young people leaving our community after high school to find more opportunities elsewhere. Need “quality” sources of entertainment and more selection of quality restaurants. I also feel like the concern about our drug problem is not being taken as seriously as possible. Being a lifelong resident and an outsider I feel I can bring fresh, new ideas to council. I also believe that for too long citizens have not been encouraged to participate in the decision making process of our city leaders.

I believe in “transparency” and having a “listening ear” to each person and their concerns. This being my first time running for office, I have no hidden agenda and come to the position with no special interests to answer to, and having no obligations to any particular individual or group. I am running on my own experience, merits and reputation.

Chrisman—I have worked with the public for over 60 years and enjoy helping people and helping the city.

Gilmore—I truly want to make a difference. I know it sounds cliché, but I think our city could have grown more under different composition of Council, and I am trying to layout ways in which I believe that increase in growth would happen. I hope people realize no growth in population for over a decade now is not progress for our community.

Oesterle—I hope to bring a new view and voice to council from my life experiences and better represent our citizens based upon the ideas and goals I outlined.

Redd-Hernandez—In the last four years, I feel like council has implemented many changes that the public will see bloom in the next few years, and I feel I have been an active part of those changes. I want to continue working hard for our residents and re-creating a community that we are all proud to call home.

Candidates respond to R-H questions

By Jennifer Woods

[email protected]