Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Oct. 20

Emily R. Hakes, 21, 236 W. Kennedy Ave., probation violation.

Michael A. Newsome, 49, 1325 Forest St., Apt. A, trespassing.

Rebecca M. Rash, 25, Cincinnati, non-compliance suspension, expired registration, parking in handicap without placard.

Jason A. Kidder, 37, 521 Gibbs Ave., assault (first-degree misdemeanor).

Jennifer N. Daily, 40, 521 Gibbs Ave., assault (first-degree misdemeanor), disorderly by intoxication (fourth-degree misdemeanor).

Oct. 19

Sandra L. Seitz, 67, 4 Wagner Way, Apt. B, operation at intersection.

Johnathan Wooten, 30, Jackson, Chillicothe Police Department bench warrant.

Lindsay N. Lemons, 27, 6080 Greenfield Sabina Road, window tint.

Oct. 18

Chasity J. Hagl, 37, 10279 Post Road, child endangerment.

Jewel L. Penwell, 34, 914 N. North St., non-compliance suspension.

Chad M. Pauley, 35, Martinsville, failure to reinstate.

Barbara A. Morgan, 66, 2222 Plano Road, speed.