What are you doing in your backyard?

Katrina Bush is the first backyard conservationist in Fayette County to be honored.

The Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District wants to recognize county residents who are using good conservation practices and highlight their accomplishments to inspire others.

We are modeling the program after the Audubon Home Project and NRCS backyard tips. We have a list of practices that we are promoting. If you would like us to visit your backyard for a conservation audit and see what you are doing, please call us. If you have five conservation practices we will certify your backyard and present you with a sign. We can also give you some tips on other practices for you to try.

Each week we are going to highlight a new backyard conservationist on our Facebook page, Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District. Together we can inspire each other to do what we can One Yard at a Time. For more information on practices or to call for a conservation audit, call Brigitte Hisey, Natural Resource Specialist, at 740-636-0279.

The first backyard conservationist is Katrina Bush. She lives on a farm and is using numerous practices in her yard. Katrina plants native flowers and has something blooming at all times during the growing season. This helps the many pollinators that visit her yard.

Also, Katrina has been experimenting with cover crops in her garden. She has planted Buckwheat and Austrian Peas. Other conservation practices include mulching her beds, clearing invasive species, and planting native shrubs like Elderberry, Service Berry, and Red Twig Dogwood. Katrina also has bird feeders and a water source for wildlife. She suggests visiting Dawes Arboretum for ideas. She also recommends two books, The Soil will Save Us and Bringing Nature. Be inspired!