Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

Sept. 27

Kroger N-822, 548 Clinton Ave. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: Paper towels are now provided at the Starbucks hand sink. The Starbucks food handler was now observed washing their hands after handling money and also putting gloves on after washing hands. According to management, Starbucks staff were retrained in food safety. All cleaning violations have been corrected. No expired baby food observed during re-inspection.

Sept. 25

The Highland House, 783 State Rt. 41. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: The ice machine is now clean to sight and touch. Thank you.

VFW-3762, 335 Veterans Way. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: Food safety certifications were unavailable The person in charge must ensure that employees are properly trained in food safety. According to management, two employees are trained but have not provided copies of certifications yet. The facility agreed to provide copies of the certifications to the Fayette County Public Health. Mold residue found on and around the fan inside of the walk-in cooler. Also, soil accumulation was found inside of the cabinet behind the bar Nonfood contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation.

Kroger N-822, 548 Clinton Ave. Standard and Process Review (RFE). Violations/Comments: Paper towels or hand drying devices were not provided at the Starbucks hand sink. Each hand washing sink must be provided with paper towels or a hand drying device. The Starbucks food handler was observed handling money immediately prior to preparing a customer’s order. Food employees must clean their hands and exposed portions of their arms after engaging in activities such as handling money that contaminate the hands. The food handler was notified. The ware washing sink was found with soil accumulation. The following areas were found with soil accumulation: the walk-in milk cooler vents and fan guards, bakery floor: Starbucks sinks, drains, counters, shelves, equipment and floor. Nonfood contact surfaces must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent soil accumulation. Exposed baby food found on shelf located in baby food aisle. Four 32-ounce Enfamil Infant formula (milk based with Iron) were removed and discarded immediately.

Sept. 24

The Warehouse, 313 South Elm St. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: No thermometer found inside of the cooler and freezer. Thermometers must be provided to accurately measure food temperatures. Mice droppings found inside of the kitchen cabinet. Pests must be controlled to minimize their presence on the premises by routinely inspecting, cleaning and using pest control devices. Disposable cups and plates found stored inside of the kitchen cabinet outside of their protective wrap. Utensils and equipment must be stored in clean locations. Single service items must be stored inside their protective wrap or otherwise in a clean area.

Sept. 23

Subway 35171, 12484 State Rt. 35 NW, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: The person in charge is not trained in food safety. The person in charge must ensure that employees are properly trained in food safety. The pop nozzles were found with an accumulation of food residue. Mold residue was found in the ice shoot. Food contact surfaces must be clean to sight and touch to prevent contamination. The pop nozzles were removed and cleaned immediately. The food thermometer located inside the reach-in cooler behind service counter was found broken. All thermometers must be operational and accurate. Food containers found stored stacked while wet. After cleaning and sanitizing equipment must be air dried. Disposable utensils found stored under the hand sink located behind the service counter. Utensils may not be stored under plumbing fixtures and must be stored in clean, dry locations. The reach-in cooler located behind the service counter and the fan guards inside of the coca cola cooler were found with soil accumulation. Nonfood contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation. Food particles were found inside of the hand sink located near kitchen entrance. Hand sinks may only be used for hand washing.

Super Sport Pizza & Wings, 275 North Glenn Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: A cup found stored inside of the shredded cheese inside of the pizza preparation table. A utensil with handles must be used and the handles must be positioned with handles upright and out of food content to prevent contamination. The cup was removed immediately and management was notified. No test strips available for the ware wash chemical sanitizer. A test kit must be available to accurately test the chemical sanitizer concentration.

Taco Bell #5348, 1215 Columbus Ave. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/Comments: The chemical sanitizer for utensils was too high. The chemical sanitizer must not exceed the manufacturer’s requirement, which is approximately 200 parts per million. No hot water provided at the hand sink inside the womens restroom. All hand sinks must be provided with hot water of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure proper hand washing. Knowledge and Responsibility: Management displayed good knowledge of critical control points and no criticals present.

Sept. 20

The Rusty Keg, LLC, 1801 Columbus Ave. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: All hand sinks are now provided with hand wash signs. The ice machine and plates observes were clean to sight and touch. The True Commercial reach-in cooler is now reading at 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The potato salad stored inside of it was at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler is now safe to store perishable food items.

Nellies on the Corner, 202 E. Court St. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: Management certification is now available. All food are now properly date marked. The hose attached to faucet over the mop sink is now above the lip of sink.