Conflicting reports in gas station shooting

Suspect reported dead in Pike County

By Tim Colliver -

Multiple people are dead after a shooting Friday morning at an Adams County gas station located the intersection of SR 32 and SR 247, according to Fox 19 News.

A spokesperson at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said it was working on a news release related to the incident, but that it had not had time to complete the report.

Two people were shot inside the gas station, according to Fox 19.

Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers said the second person shot at the gas station was the clerk, who was taken to a Cincinnati hospital where she was still alive, Fox 19 reported.

The person killed at the gas station was a delivery driver who was not from Adams County, according to Fox 19.

The news channel said Rogers said he received a call at 7:39 a.m. that there was a robbery with a person dead at the Marathon. He said he would release more information later Friday.

Officials placed local schools on lock down while they searched for the shooter.

Witnesses say the shooting suspect crashed on SR 32 between Darst Road and Coal Dock Road in Pike County,Fox 19 reported.

The sheriff’s department confirmed that the search for the suspect ended in a chase that went into Pike County on SR 32 past Piketon, according to Fox 19.

Adams County Sgt. Randy Walters said the suspect crashed two miles past Germany Road on SR 32, Fox 19 reported.

Walters said officials are investigating three scenes related to the shooting: the gas station, the crash sight where the suspect died, and the suspect’s house which was on fire.

Fire crews have been at the shooting suspect’s home on Ohio 770 working to put out a fire.

WCPO-TV reported least one person is dead, according to the chief of the Winchester Police Department, and that a pair of armed robberies occurred in the village of Seaman Friday morning.

The Adams County Informer reported that the suspect was reported dead and that the cause of death was apparently self-inflicted.

Suspect reported dead in Pike County

By Tim Colliver