New guidelines for Legion membership

By Jennifer Woods -

New guidelines are now in place for those with an honorable discharge to join The American Legion.

The dates for joining the Legion have always been set by the United States Congress. A new bill has passed which opens the dates from 1941 to the present day. These open dates will remain in effect until Congress declares that the United States is no longer in a state of war.

This bill is called the LEGION Act, and according to the American Legion Post 25 Adjacent Mike Fenton, Congress passed the bill last month and President Donald Trump signed it last week.

Veterans who now qualify to join The American Legion are all those who received an honorable discharge in or after 1941.

Fenton explained that prior to this new bill, there were “dead” spaces of time where those who fought or were discharged were not recognized and were unable to join The American Legion.

“You’re entitled for more benefits from the VA. There are certain financial benefits as well, which include claims from the VA. There are all kinds of benefits you are eligible for,” he said.

The full name of the local Legion is The American Legion Post 25 Paul H. Hughey. According to Fenton, Hughey was a pilot in World War I who was killed in action. When the local Legion was started up in the early 1900’s, it was named after him.

The dues for joining and remaining in The American Legion are $35 per year.

Those interested who qualify for membership can bring a copy of their DD-214 or discharge papers to The American Legion, 1240 US Route 22 West in Washington C.H. For information, questions or to speak with Fenton, stop by or call 740-335-4990.

Fenton said, “All they have to do is call the Legion and if I’m not there leave their name and number and I’ll get back with them.”

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By Jennifer Woods