The townships of Fayette Co.: Madison Twp.

By Jennifer Woods -

This is the fifth article in a series about the townships of Fayette County.

Madison Township is one of 10 townships in Fayette County and is situated in the northeastern corner of the county. According to the 2010 US Census Bureau, out of the 29,030 population in Fayette County, 1,122 residents lived in Madison Township.

The Madison Township Fiscal Officer with a term expiring March 31 of next year is Myron Miller. The township trustee with a term expiring Dec. 31 of this year is David Dorn.

The two township trustees with terms expiring on Dec. 31 of 2021 are John Melvin and Mike Miller.

According to both Mike Miller and Dorn, there is not much happening out-of-the-ordinary in Madison Township right now. The main focus is on the typical maintenance and upkeep.

Dorn said that Madison has two active cemeteries and three smaller inactive cemeteries. One of the active cemeteries is Waterloo Cemetery while the other active cemetery is in Madison Mills.

Although the smaller three cemeteries are inactive and no longer accepting burials, the trustees still maintain them. There in one part-time contractor utilized to help with mowing of these cemeteries.

Dorn said there is approximately 16 miles of road in Madison Township that the trustees must maintain and there is one part-time contractor to assist with the mowing of road ditches.

The township house in Madison Mills can be rented out by Madison Township residents for activities such as birthday parties.

“The ballparks behind the township house get used quite a bit. We just put a shelter house up out there about a year ago,” said Mike.

During the summer, paving work is being done on the roads, and in the winter the trustees are the ones to plow the roads.

The Fayette County Historical Society Museum, which is located at 517 Columbus Ave. in Washington Court House, is featuring the history of the townships as its exhibit this year. People are welcome to tour the museum from 1-4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no cost although donations are welcome.

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By Jennifer Woods