‘Wheels for the World’ accepts wheelchair donations

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Each year an estimated 75,000 wheelchairs are thrown away in the United States while 20 million people worldwide desperately need a wheelchair.

Tragically, a person with limited mobility is often excluded from life in their community simply because they have no way of moving around. Without a wheelchair, a disabled child may not even be able to attend school. Without a wheelchair, a disabled father may not be able to provide for his family.

A wheelchair removes isolation lifting someone from the dirt into a seat of dignity and opportunity.

Wheels for the World is a ministry of Joni and Friends. It provides a free wheelchair along with the Gospel message to children and audits in many overseas countries.

Over 200,000 wheelchairs have been collected since 1994. After collection the chairs are transported to restoration centers located in correctional facilities where inmates restore the chairs to like-new condition. Then teams made up of volunteer physical therapists and wheelchair mechanics fit each wheelchair to the individual and provide training in use and maintenance. In addition, each individual is presented with a bible and the gospel message.

The whole ministry depends on individuals like you donating that wheelchair that your loved one no longer needs. Maybe it has been sitting in your garage or storage facility for years. Now you have a chance to make a huge difference in someone’s life simply by donating it to Wheels for the World.

Various mobility devices are accepted for donation, including: manual wheelchairs of all types and sizes, aluminum walkers, aluminum crutches, aluminum canes, wheelchair footrests, other wheelchair parts and trays, wheelchair seat cushions, new crutch and armpit pads, new hand grips and new foot tips.

For more information visit www.joniandfriends.org/wheels-for-the-world or call Norman Thomas at 740-572-0244 for local pickup. Tax deductible receipts are available.

Submitted article