Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

July 17

Ranchers, 501 S. Elm Street. Complaint inspection. Violations/Comments: Complaint inspection concerning bare-hand contact of ready-to-eat food. Observed employee handling buns without gloves. Two globe must be donned when handling ready-to-eat foods. Collected during inspection.

July 19

220 State Street, Ink, 220 State Street, Jeffersonville. Complaint inspection. Violations/Comments: A phone complaint was received on July 18 regarding a customer stating that a thumb tack was found in their meatball sub. The sub included meatballs in sauce, lettuce, onions and mayonnaise. According to management all thumb tacks are stored on their message boards and on the wall near it. All other tacks are kept in the office. During the inspection, the message board was observed stored on the wall near a food preparation table and signs pushed with tacks were found stored on back wall over the food preparation table. Management and other staff members stated that the food preparation table is never used to prepare food but is used to store miscellaneous items. Another staff member stated that the only time food is on the table (prepared) is when they are covering the vegetable pins with saran wrap. After further questioning, management stated that the table is only used to chop green peppers and to cover the vegetable containers with the saran wrap. During preparation un-packaged foods must be protected from any sources of contamination. Management was advised to remove all miscellaneous items including wall posters and boards and store these items in a separate location away from food preparation areas. Manager removed the items immediately. All food from July 18 has been discarded or replaced prior to inspection.

July 12

Pettits Carshine Drive Thru #1, 1225 E. Temple Street. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: The mini-refrigerator is now reading at 39 degree Fahrenheit and is now safe to store perishable food. Thank you.

Pettits Drive Thru, 1101 Clinton Ave. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: All food are properly date marked. Thermometers are now provided. The food preparation table located inside of the walk-in cooler is now clean. The single-use containers are still stored on a kitchen shelf accumulated with dirt and food residue. The person in charge stated that the shelves were cleaned but stained, therefore these shelves are no longer considered smooth and easily cleanable and must be replaced. This person also mentioned that the counter top and drawer unit near soda machine is in the process of being replaced.

July 8

Pettits Carshine Drive Thru #1, 1225 E. Temple Street. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: The person in charge failed to demonstrate knowledge of safe food-temperatures although trained in level one food safety. Several food items inside of the deli reach-in refrigerator were found above 41 degrees Fahrenheit: six Wakefield egg salad sandwiches, five Wakefield chicken salad sandwiches, three Wakefield turkey and cheese sandwiches, three Wakefield tuna salad sandwiches, three Wakefield strawberry and yogurt parfaits, three Wakefield blueberry and yogurt parfaits, one roast beef America sub (Pettits)—these were all discarded immediately. The refrigerator unit must be inspected, repaired, readjusted and deemed safe to use before continuing usage.

Pettits Drive Thru, 1101 Clinton Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: Several food items inside of the walk0in cooler were not date marked. All foods kept in a food establishment more than 24 hours must be date marked. Refrigerated perishable foods must be discarded in seven days to minimize the growth of pathogens. No thermometer found inside of the pizza preparation cooler. Food measuring devices must be provided and readily accessible. To-go containers were found stored on unclean shelves. Disposable cups and lids were stored on cardboard near soda machine and ice machine and clean utensils were stored in an unclean drawer. Cleaned equipment and utensils must be stored in clean locations. The counter-top and drawer in the soda machine area are damaged and contain Shedd wood pieces and are no longer smooth and easily cleanable. This unit needs to be repaired or replaced. The ware washing chemical sanitizer was not at high concentration level. Chemical sanitizing solutions must be used properly and must not exceed the manufacturers requirement. Quateray Chemical Solution should be approximately 200 parts per million. The kitchen shelves, walk-in food counter and utensils drawer were found with an accumulation of soil residue. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent accumulation of soil residues.

Sunny Maple, 5675US Route 62 NE. Standard inspection. Violations/Comments: An employee was observed donning gloves without washing hands to working with food. Food employees must clean their hands and exposed portions of their arms before donning gloves to initiate a task that involves working with foo. The employee was asked to wash their hands immediately and they complied. Lunch meat was found without date markings inside of the deli case. Also, shredded barbecue pork and beef were found without proper date markings inside of the reach-in cooler. Some of the items were dated immediately and others were discarded. Several day-food containers were found without labels. Containers holding food that were removed from it’s original package within a food establishment must be labeled. These were labeled immediately. Moist wiping clothes found on counter-top. Wiping cloths must remain dry or be held in a chemical sanitizer solution in between usage.

July 3

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 12394 US Route 35, Jeffersonville. Complaint inspection. Violations/Comments: A phone complaint was received on July 2 regarding unsanitary conditions in the facility’s restroom, buffet area and dining room area. The overall cleanliness of the facility was good, however one of the sinks inside of the women’s restroom was clogged. All equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair. Management places an order to have the sink repaired immediately.

July 2

Little Caesars Pizza, 105 N. Hinde Street. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: Employees were observed washing their hands properly. All food was found covered and protected. Several food containers were still found with food accumulation and stored on the clean equipment shelf across from the ware washing sinks Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch. All foods are now properly date marked. All food were found stored properly and protected from contamination. Clean food containers were still found stored stacked while wet. Food equipment must be positioned to allow adequate draining before contact with food. The pipe located over the mop sink has now been repaired and the cleanliness of the mop sink has improved. The reach0in freezer has also been repaired. The food containers were removed and rewashed immediately. (July 3) All containers are now dry and stored properly.

Dominos Pizza #2241, 60 Washington Square. Follow-up inspection. Violations/Comments: An employee health notification policy is available, however the policy does not include the thirteen illnesses required. The current policy must be updated to be in compliance.