Police Arrests/Citations

According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

July 14

Ashley R. Sells, 25, 234 W. Kennedy Ave., Apt. B, license forfeiture.

Victor B. Lomeli, 42, Leipsic, obstructing.

July 13

Austin L. Grim, 21, 308 S. North St., non-compliance suspension.

Ivan D. Mounts III, 34, 618 E. Temple St., WPD warrant – theft (first-degree misdemeanor), Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office warrant, Madison County Sheriff’s Office warrant.

Keith L. Vanslyke, 33, at large, FCSO warrant, FCSO warrant.

Clifford D. Morris, 33, at large, disorderly conduct.

Samantha K. McCarty, 26, 812 Delaware St., Apt. 24, speed 43/25.

Mark P. Clyburn, 40, Greenfield, speed 41/25, child support suspension.

Ramon R. Werlein, 22, New Holland, excessive smoke.

July 12

Tython S. Hodge, 41, 1809 Columbus Ave., Room 226, bench warrant – failure to appear.

Erin E. Pemberton, 40, 411 Broadway St., possession of drugs (fifth-degree felony), possession of drug paraphernalia (fourth-degree misdemeanor), fugitive from justice, Highland County bench warrant – failure to appear.

July 11

Shasta N. Collier, 26, Greenfield, speed 50/35.

Paul D. Hays, 39, South Salem, obstructing.

Curtis L. Mollett, 34, 733 Brown St., failure to control, OVI.