Former WCH resident to hold book signing

By Jennifer Woods -

Dr. Randy Overbeck, author of “Blood on the Chesapeake.”

Dr. Randy Overbeck, author of “Blood on the Chesapeake.”

Randy Overbeck, an author and former resident of Washington Court House, will hold his first Ohio book signing at Carnegie Public Library for his newest release, “Blood on the Chesapeake.”

The book signing will take place at noon on Saturday, June 8. Carnegie Public Library is located at 127 S. North St. in Washington Court House. The book was released as a paranormal mystery novel on April 10.

Overbeck lived in Washington Court House from 1983-1991. He first began his administrative career in education while living locally. He served as the director of curriculum and public relations for Miami Trace Local Schools. As the director of curriculum, Overbeck said, “I was the person in charge of everything we taught.”

Overbeck’s three children attended local schools during their time in the area. Overbeck explained during those years, Good Hope had an elementary school that his kids attended through sixth grade. The kids completed seventh and eighth grade in Bloomingburg and then went to Miami Trace High School.

The novel, “Blood on the Chesapeake,” was published by The Wild Rose Press, a publisher in New York. It is selling in trade paper at 409 pages for $18.98 and as an eBook for $4.99.

As reported in an earlier Record-Herald article, according to a press release in Nashville, the novel is one of suspense and is “a spellbinding tale about lies, secrets—and what happens when past and present collide. In ‘Blood on the Chesapeake,’ protagonist Darrell Henshaw, a high school history teacher and football coach, is looking to make a fresh start in life. Unfortunately, it seems like the past won’t let him go…”

Overbeck believes education is important, because “public education is the single most important ingredient in a child’s life beyond their family.” He explained that public education is the only way many children receive knowledge in various subjects including math, science, history, etc.

He said, “All these things together make kids more successful, more self-reliant, better able to contribute to society and most importantly — happy.”

Overbeck believes in “writing what you know,” and implements “school and education” into all of his work. This novel includes a hero that is a high school English teacher that can see ghosts. The teacher isn’t happy about seeing ghosts but wants to “find justice for a teen killed a decade earlier.”

Overbeck’s hope is that his novel will let readers take away the understanding of how much teachers care for their students.

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Dr. Randy Overbeck, author of “Blood on the Chesapeake.” Randy Overbeck, author of “Blood on the Chesapeake.”

By Jennifer Woods