BOE certifies election results

General election non-partisan race filing deadline is Aug. 7

By Jennifer Woods -

On Monday, the Fayette County Board of Elections certified the May 7 special election results, which showed only a minimal difference from the unofficial results that were obtained immediately following the election.

The only issue on the ballot was a levy for a new county jail. Unofficial results stated the levy passed by a 1,360-1,124 margin. With the addition of provisional ballots, official results state it passed by a 1,378-1,129 margin.

Officially, 54.97 percent of voters were for the levy while 45.03 percent of voters were against the levy. Voter turnout was 15.55 percent—2,509 people out of 16,135 registered voters took part in the election.

There are two parts to the levy. The first part is to construct a new and updated adult detention facility. The second part is to provide financial support for the operational expenses of the adult detention facility (this includes the cost of staff and medical providers). The jail is proposed to be built on county-owned land near the landfill on Robinson Road.

Also on Monday, the Fayette County Commissioners met with the various parties taking part in the construction of the new facility. Plans and paperwork are in progress—there will be a public meeting on June 5 at 9 a.m. in the commissioners’ office regarding pre-construction.

Now that the special election has concluded, the next election this year is the general on Nov. 5. The filing deadline for all nonpartisan races is Aug. 7 at 4 p.m. Write-in-candidates must file a declaration of intent (Form #13) by 4 p.m. on Aug. 26. There are several offices that will be on the ballot.

Washington C.H. City Council has three members whose terms are expiring on Dec. 31: Jimmy Chrisman, Steven Jennings and Kendra Hernandez.

Donald Fleak’s terms as both a council member and the mayor for the Village of Bloomingburg is expiring on Dec. 31. Margaret Copley’s term as a council member for Bloomingburg is expiring the same day.

The Village of Jeffersonville has two members of council with terms expiring on Dec. 31: Sue Burnside and Gordon McCarty.

Ronald Anderson’s term as the mayor of the Village of Milledgeville, along with the terms of Milledgeville council members Shawn Grooms and Richard Huff, are expiring on Dec. 31.

Clair Betzko Jr.’s term as mayor of the Village of New Holland, along with the terms of New Holland council members Gregory Shaw and Jimmy Thompson, are expiring on Dec. 31.

George Kingery’s term as mayor of the Village of Octa, along with the terms of Octa council members Mike Turner and Amanda Wickline, are expiring on Dec. 31.

Concord Township Trustee Keith Montgomery’s term expires on Dec. 31.

Green Township Trustee Byron Gustin’s term expires on Dec. 31.

Jasper Township Fiscal Officer Carol Langley’s term expires on March 31 of 2020. Richard Anders’ term as a Jasper trustee expires Dec. 31.

Jefferson Township Fiscal Officer Jomi Ward’s term expires March 31. Jonathan Wright’s term as Jefferson trustee expires Dec. 31.

Madison Township Fiscal Officer Myron Miller’s term expires March 31. David Dorn’s term as Madison trustee expires Dec. 31.

Marion Township Fiscal Officer Kathy Brown’s term expires March 31. Jeffrey Speakman’s term as Marion trustee expires Dec. 31.

Perry Township Fiscal Officer Brenda Hughes’ term expires March 31. Richard Wilson’s term as Perry trustee expires Dec. 31.

Paint Township Fiscal Officer Richard Barton’s term expires March 31. Gary Matthews’ term as Paint trustee expires Dec. 31.

Union Township Fiscal Officer Thomas Rambo’s term expires March 31. Clyde Fyffe’s term as Union trustee expires Dec. 31.

Wayne Township Fiscal Officer Cindy Seaton’s term expires March 31. David Batson’s term as Wayne trustee expires Dec. 31.

There are two terms expiring on Dec. 31 for members of the Board of Education for Miami Trace Local School District: Charlie Andrews and Bruce Kirkpatrick.

There are three terms expiring on Dec. 31 for members of the Board of Education for Washington Court House City School District: Noble Copas, Jennifer Lynch and James Teeters.

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General election non-partisan race filing deadline is Aug. 7

By Jennifer Woods