Restaurant Inspections

The Record-Herald

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.


Chipotle Mexican Grill #1254, Jeffersonville. Standard inspections, critical control point. Violations/comments: The facility has an employee health notification policy however the policy does not include the revised list of illnesses listed in 3717-1002.1 of the Ohio Uniform food safety code, a copy was provided to management during the inspection, the policy must be updated to include there illnesses. Several food items inside of the walk-in cooler were stickered with the wrong dates according to management the date of perpetration and disposition were with the seven days requirement for perishable food items therefore these items were not discarded and properly labeled. Cardboard boxes and a radio was found stored on shelves above the food preparation stations and preparation sinks during preparation unpackaged food must be protected from environmental sources of contamination management was notified immediately, clean dishes were found stored stacked while wet, after cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils must be air dried. Knowledge and responsibility, management displayed food knowledge of the critical control point questionnaire, however critical control violations were present.


Bob Evans Restaurant #288, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection, critical control point. Violations/comments: Several plates, glasses and utensils were found with an accumulation of food or soil residues located on dish shelves in service area and in main kitchen drawer, food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch to prevent contamination, several of these dishes were removed to be rewashed, an associate was notified to inspect these areas and to rewash any soiled dishes found. Chicken noodle was found reheated inside of the microwave to 120 degrees, an associate was notified immediately and it was reheated to 180 degrees. Cooked perishable foods must be reheated to 165 degrees. The creme pie cooler was found at 44 degrees, the chocolate peanut butter pie was at 45 degrees, strawberry was at 45 degrees and the coconut creme was at 46 degrees, the pies were removed and discarded immediately, management stated that they will have the cooler inspected and serviced, perishable foods in a cold holding must be at 41 degrees or below to limit the growth of pathogens, the food establishment must cease use of the pie cooler immediately until serviced reinspected and deemed safe to use. Pancake batter was found inside of the walk-in cooler past the discard date and time, the batter was removed from the shelf and discarded immediately, refrigerated perishable foods must be discarded in seven days to minimize the growth of pathogens. The following items were found with an accumulation of soil residue; microwave, doors/handles, cooler doors/handles, counters and shelves inside of the main kitchen area, non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned of a frequency necessary to prevent accumulation of soil residues. One of the men’s urinals was found out of order, equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair. The walls and floors of the storage room and kitchen areas were found with an accumulation of soil residues, the physical facilities must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean. Knowledge and responsibility management needs to review critical control points, good knowledge was not displayed additions critical violations were present. Follow-up: The pre-cooler is now reading at 37.5 degrees management stated that the cooler was serviced May 7 therefore the cooler is now operational and safe to store perishable food items.


Denny’s #8631, Jeffersonville. Follow-up inspection. Violations/comments: Steak was found past the discard date inside of the food preparation cooler across from grill, refrigerated perishable foods must be discarded by discard date and within seven days to minimize the growth of pathogens, the steak was discarded immediately. The drinking glasses appear to be cleaner, however they still look slightly cloudy, management stated that its because of their hard water and insufficient water softener, the facility softness is managed by the Pilot Travel Center according to management. A follow-up inspection will be conducted.

The Record-Herald